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    Developments in pressure sensors are enabling a range
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    Small and powerful.
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    The small and powerful solution
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    Avnet Abacus can help you stay on track in
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    IoT Accelerated

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Product Finder: Bourns BPS310, BPS320, BPS330 & BPS340 series

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CDSOT23-T24CAN-Q TVS diode arrays

Featured product

Bourns BPS310, BPS320, BPS330 & BPS340 series MEMS pressure sensors

Bourns BPS310, BPS320, BPS330 & BPS340 series MEMS pressure sensors are designed for the customer who requires ultra-fast response time, long-term stability and has the ability to do self-calibration. The four model series will cover a vast array of applications and packaging requirements.

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The changing landscape of modern healthcare

Epidemiology was the first recorded scientific method employed in identifying the source and eliminating an outbreak of Cholera in London in the mid 1800’s. Since then, with the current market evolving and adapting at an unprecedented pace, technology has continued to shape public health.

Demand from manufacturers for specialist medical-grade components is rocketing, along with the wider needs of non-medical companies and institutions that must adapt their processes for social distancing, remote building access control, security and contactless monitoring.

In-home healthcare and remote monitoring are driving technological advancements in applications using the Internet of Medical Things. Medical professionals can consult and monitor people remotely, minimising the need to travel to health clinics and surgeries, particularly important for vulnerable patients. However prevention and remote care can only go so far in reducing the need for hospital treatment and within the current pandemic, the need for increased quantities of medically approved and tested critical care equipment is vital. 

This edition of Focus explores some of the key technologies that are stimulating change in the medical market, in areas of diagnostics, treatment, assistance and care.


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