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Seven major brands name Avnet Abacus as top distributor

Avnet Abacus is frequently recognised as the best performing distribution partner for leading brands, and 2019 has been particularly successful. Ten awards in six months show how Avnet Abacus is recognised for excellence in distribution and valued by suppliers with a broad range of objectives and diverse ways of assessing their partners’ performance.

At its annual distribution summit in April, TE Connectivity named Avnet Abacus as its ‘2018 Distributor of the Year’ for the EMEA region. This is based on Avnet Abacus’ overall performance with special attention to key criteria including growth in sales and the development of new designs and projects, as well as delivering training based around the leading-edge products and technologies offered by TE. A second award, for ‘Competitive Conversion’, was given in recognition of Avnet Abacus’ strong success in winning new business for TE products in competition with distributors offering solutions from alternative manufacturers.

Later that month, at the Molex annual EMEA distribution summit, Avnet Abacus received the EMEA Distributor of the Year award for the third time in succession. Molex’s assessment is based on the number of new projects that result in design registrations and conversion, as well as sustainable sales growth achieved both through training and investment in technical knowledge and NPI (new product introduction). At the summit, the Avnet Abacus regional sales and marketing teams won two further awards including Regional Distributor of the Year for the North (UK and Nordic) and Regional Distributor of the Year for France, Benelux and South Africa.

TDK European Distribution
Gold Award, Munich,
Germany, July 2019

TDK benchmarks distributor performance against several metrics including inventory management, contractual terms, business performance, and operational excellence. The scoring system compares different distributors as well as individual improvements year-on-year. Scoring 885 points from a maximum 1000 – exceeding the 2018 total - Avnet Abacus excelled in all categories to win TDK’s European Distribution Gold Award in July.

The same month, Omron named Avnet Abacus ‘Best Distributor for the Central Region 2018’. The electromechanical and sensing technology leader analyses a wide range of criteria including year on year sales growth, customer visits, sales quotes, conversions, and new design projects. Omron’s European Distribution Manager Hafeez Najumudeen praised Avnet Abacus’ operational efficiency and the sales growth achieved. The coming year will prioritise even deeper collaboration on new opportunities from initial design to logistical support.

A collaborative team from Molex and Avnet Abacus
Molex European Distributor of the
Year 2019, Windsor, UK. April 2019

Finally, for July, Vishay presented a special award to Avnet Abacus - ‘Fastest Growing Passive Distributor from 2016 to 2018’ - recognising long- term commitment that has delivered enduring success. The keys to winning this award are found in Avnet Abacus’ innovations that make it easy for customers to specify and buy Vishay components. The full Vishay product portfolio contains over one million part numbers, so helping customers choose the right parts for their projects is critical. Harwin is rapidly expanding its range of connectors including new high-reliability parts and EMI- shielding products. Avnet Abacus has shown it can adapt to support the fast pace of innovation and grow the customer base, winning new customers in sectors such as industrial, defence, robotics and aerospace. Outstanding successes secured the 2019 Harwin Sales Excellence Award, which was presented in August by Harwin’s Managing Director, Andrew McQuilken. 

More recently, in September, Panasonic, a leader in battery technologies, awarded Avnet Abacus ‘Battery Distributor of the Year’ 2019 for its excellent performance including understanding how to promote innovative battery chemistries and delivering overall business growth. Winning this award for the second year in succession highlights the specialised technical knowhow, backed up by expertise in logistics and supply chain management, that Avnet Abacus brings to every relationship with every supplier and every customer.

Alan Jermyn, Vice President of Marketing at Avnet Abacus, puts it all in perspective. ‘Our supply partners rightly expect top performance, and we deliver our maximum every day through our broad and deep technical understanding, our outstanding sales organisation, our expertise in logistics and supply chain, and our unrelenting commitment.’ 

About Avnet Abacus

Avnet Abacus is a pan-European demand creation distributor specialising in interconnect, passive, electromechanical, power supply and battery products. Avnet Abacus’ extensive product range and exceptional line card is supported by a team of over 50 product specialists based across Europe, delivering technical expertise and technology focused initiatives. Avnet Abacus is a regional business unit of Avnet, (NASDAQ:AVT), with European headquarters in Belgium (Avnet Europe Comm. VA). For more information, visit: www.avnet-abacus.eu or follow us on http://www.twitter.com/Avnet_Abacus

About Avnet
Avnet is a global technology solutions provider with an extensive ecosystem delivering design, product, marketing and supply chain expertise for customers at every stage of the product lifecycle. We transform ideas into intelligent solutions, reducing the time, cost and complexities of bringing products to market. For nearly a century, Avnet has helped its customers and suppliers around the world realize the transformative possibilities of technology. Learn more about Avnet at www.avnet.com.

Legal Disclaimer:
All brands and trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks, and are the properties of their respective owners. Avnet disclaims any proprietary interest in marks other than its own.

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Avnet Abacus
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Email: lisa.rees@avnet-abacus.eu


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