A smaller footprint is our best foot forward

The technology we help our partners create enables many possibilities that make the world smarter and safer, but for us, protecting our planet’s environment has to come first. Sustainability is a big part of the “what” we’re reaching for each and every day.

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Because we operate in so many countries across oceans and continents, it is of utmost importance that we pay careful attention to managing our carbon footprint and our impact on every community where we do business. That means holding ourselves – and our partners – to the highest standards. We encourage manufacturers to make environmental information available on their websites and partner closely with suppliers to provide customers with all the proper information/declarations available from related manufacturers. Read our Global Environmental Policy and CY16-2017 Carbon Footprint Analysis.

While continually recognised for our environmental efforts, we are committed to coming up with smart ideas to do more.

Environmental recognition

  • Green Enterprise IT Award, Uptime Institute
  • Top 12 Green IT Companies, Computerworld
  • Green 15, InfoWorld
  • Avnet EBV Elektronik awarded Mayor of Munich’s Golden Award for commitment to climate protection.

Battery Legislation

The Battery Directive

The Battery Directive regulates the manufacture, supply and disposal of batteries in the EU.

Battery legislation


REACH and RoHS compliance

Learn more about our dedication to protect human health and the environment.

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Power Legislation

European power guidelines

Power efficiency guidelines are intended to save energy in the production and use of power supplies.


Waste electrical and electronic equipment

WEEE aims to minimise the impacts of electrical and electronic equipment on the environment during their life times and when they become waste.