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Aavid products and solutions

Learn more about the latest products and solutions from Aavid.

Aavid BGA Heat Sinks Product Spotlight


BGA heat sinks

Aavid offers the broadest line of innovative BGA (Ball Grid Array) heat sinks to support all of your most demanding applications.

Aavid Heat Pipes product spotlight


Heat pipes

Heat pipes are great thermal energy transporters that use an evaporator and condenser in place of a solid conductor.

Aavid HydroSink™ Liquid Cooling System Product Spotlight


HydroSink™ liquid cooling system

The HydroSink™ is an intelligent, innovative, high performance Liquid Cooling System which aims to replace existing air cooled systems.

Aavid Thermalloy HydroSink™ Liquid Cooling System

Aavid Board Level Heat Sinks product spotlight


Board level heat sinks

Aavid offers board level heat sinks for a variety of packages, including TO-220, TO-247, TO-3, TO-5 resistors and many more.

Aavid Max Clip System Product Spotlight


Max Clip™ system

The Aavid Max Clip™ System is a high performance, low cost thermal solution for discrete power semiconductors.