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Aavid Thermalloy BGA Heat Sinks

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BGA heat sinks

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Aavid offers the broadest line of innovative BGA (Ball Grid Array) heat sinks to support all of your most demanding applications. They feature a wide variety of attachment methods and configurations.  They are easy to install and most require no special board modifications. 

Cost effective and highly functional, Aavid’s BGA heat sinks range in size from 10mm x 10mm to 45mm x 45mm, and accommodate heights from 6mm to 35mm.  

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Cross-cut BGAs with push-pin attachment  Fluted Fin™ Clip attach E series 
  • Configurations are available for a wide range of BGA package sizes
  • All heat sinks utilise industry standard hole patterns
  • Plastic push pins are standard. Consult Aavid Thermalloy for versions available with brass push pins for more rugged applications
  • Most heat sinks utilise a phase change pad as the interface for optimal thermal performance
  • Minimal diameter holes are necessary for mounting to PC board


  • Instead of straight edged rectangular pin fins, Fluted Fins™ are rippled and slightly staggered
  • Design optimised for maximum performance in applications with limited or no airflow
  • The fluting process enables the production of lighter weight heat sinks than those produced by conventional processes
  • Suitable for use with double sided tapes and wire clip systems
  • Possible performance gains versus cross cut products:
    • 10mm high products upto 40%
    • 16.5mm high products upto 30%
    • 25mm high products upto 40%
  • 2.5mm keep out zone for high density PCB layout
  • Force applied by flexible wire spring
  • No short-circuit concern from UL94V-0 rated PA66
  • Easy mounting
  • Re-workable
  • Shock & vibration tested
  • Cost effective

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