Aptiv Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Aptiv electric vehicle charging connectors

The Aptiv electric vehicle charging solutions are unique connector technologies designed to help facilitate a global charging infrastructure. Solutions include Aptiv's mode 3 jumper connectors and pigtails and are ideal for integration into Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). With Aptiv products, hybrid and electric vehicles can be powered safely and efficiently at home or away.

3M has presented New 3M™ 100G QSFP28 Direct Attach Copper Cable Assemblies, 9Q Series are passive copper cable assemblies which utilize 3M Twin Axial Cable technology to create a highly-flexible, foldable, high-performance solution.


Features Applications

Connectors :

  • Superior durability
  • Marking / certification: CE and CQC and UL / CE / CQC
  • Proven in automotive mass production
  • SAE J1772/IEC62196 Type I, IEC62196 Type II, and GB/T 20234 standards
  • Wiring crimps sealed from environment
  • Design: 

o All plastic grip 
o Plastic or rubber over mold

Inlets :

  • Interface complies with SAE J1772 and IEC62196
  • High reliability field proven solutions

o In serial production at multiple automotive OEMs
o Time tested products performing in real life environments for example on roads

  • Products qualified against demanding automotive requirements

o Certified according to multiple regional standards (CE conformity, UL certified, GBT certified)
o Detailed automotive PPAPs based on comprehensive lab tests above industry standards

  • Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle charge inlet
  • Charging interface for slow AC (Type 1) and fast DC charging applications
  • Cable assemblies for plugging from charging stations to vehicle
  • Grid-to-vehicle & infrastructure to electric vehicle charging
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