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Avnet Abacus is an authorised AVX distributor throughout Europe.

AVX Corporation is a global technology leader in the manufacture of passive electronic components and interconnect products. The passive component product range includes surface mount and leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors, radio frequency (RF) thick and thin film components, tantalum capacitors, supercapacitors, EMI filters, varistors, thermistors, inductors, resistive products and a comprehensive range of antenna solutions. AVX serves a broad range of markets including telecommunications, data processing, automotive, consumer, and medical sectors.


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Supercapacitors from AVX

AVX’s range of electrolytic double-layer capacitors offers excellent pulse power handling characteristics based on the combination of very high capacitance and very low ESR. Used by themselves or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries, they provide extended back up time, longer battery life, and provide instantaneous power pulses as needed. Offers great solutions to hold up, energy harvesting, and pulse power applications.

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AVX supercapacitors


AVX products and solutions

Learn more about the latest products and solutions from AVX.



AVX SCC Series - Product Spotlight


SCC series supercapacitors

SCC series cylindrical EDLCs feature excellent pulse power handling based on a combination of very high capacitance and very low ESR.

AVX SCC Series Supercapacitors

AVX SCM Series - Product Spotlight


SCM supercapacitor modules

The SCM series supercapacitor module features excellent pulse power handling based on a combination of very high capacitance and very low ESR.

AVX SCM Supercapacitor Module

AVX thin film Wire Bond Resistor Product Spotlight


Thin film Wire Bond Resistor

AVX release new WBR series – Wire Bond Resistor. These top contact precision wire bondable resistors are ultra-stable with high reliability.

AVX MOS Capacitors MS Series - Product Spotlight


MS series metal oxide semiconductor capacitors

For applications in RF, microwave, and GHz ranges, AVX now offers MOS Capacitors.

AVX Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitors - MS Series Avnet Abacus

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