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Avnet Abacus is an authorised Excelsys distributor throughout Europe.

Excelsys Technologies brings over 20 years experience of leading edge power supply development and applications support to market with its revolutionary UltiMod, Xsolo, XF and Xgen series of products. Some of the markets where Excelsys has demonstrated success include medical, industrial, communications and Hi Rel / MILCOTS.


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Excelsys products and solutions

Learn more about the latest products and solutions from Excelsys.


Excelsys CoolX1800 series


CoolX1800 series modular power supplies

The CoolX1800 series of modular power supplies from Excelsys outputs 1800W of power, typically 50% more than the industry standard, in a compact 5mm x 10.5mm x 1U package.

Excelsys CX06M series


CX06M series convection cooled modular power supply

The CX06M series of convection cooled modular power supplies from Excelsys can deliver 600W of power from a compact 8.5 x 4.5 x 1U package without the need for fan assisted cooling.

Excelsys CoolX600 Series Product Spotlight


CoolX600 series fanless 600W modular power supply

Advanced Energy's Excelsys CoolX600 series of modular, convection cooled power supplies is ideal for medical, life science, industrial, and harsh-environmental applications.

Excelsys CoolX1000 series Product Spotlight


CoolX1000 series fanless 1000W power supply

Advanced Energy's Excelsys CoolX1000 is a highly flexible and compact, fanless power supply ideal for vibration and noise sensitive applications.

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