Fulham (Lumotech)

Avnet Abacus is an authorised distributor of Fulham throughout Europe.

Fulham is a global supplier of new technologies, offering a broad range of LED drivers, Ballasts, Emergency lighting systems, LED modules & light engines for commercial general lighting, signage, horticulture, UV and other applications.

The future holds the promise of “connected and intelligent” lighting products, and Fulham is leading that charge with new products featuring data and communication capabilities, digital addressing, programmable outputs, self-diagnostics, settable dimming curves, thermal protection and operating data.

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Fulham products and solutions

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Lumo series LED drivers

Fulham Lumo series LED drivers are designed to provide high standards of performance and reliability in LED systems.

Fulham HotSpot series Product Spotlight

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HotSpot Plus LED driver and emergency system

The HotSpot Plus LED driver and emergency system from Fulham combines dimmable, programmable LED driver functions with an emergency LED driver, and a replaceable backup battery in a single compact unit.


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