Cannon APD connector series

The APD Series offers a versatile range of light weight, fully plastic, environmentally resistant electrical connectors with interchangeable contacts. Designed in accordance with ISO 15170, ITT Cannon’s APD Series provides the perfect cost efficient interconnect solution whenever harsh environment applications require high sealing grades and vibration resistance.
Originally designed for the truck, bus, agriculture, construction, e-vehicle and special vehicle market, these products meet all typical demands of applications in this field. APD is also the connector of choice in other areas including military or industrial applications that require harsh environment solutions while needing a product that is both, small in size and light in weight.

The APD series covers a wide range of 1- and 2-way high power, VDE-certified 4-way high voltage and up to 51-way high density connectors also available as special sensor or PCB type versions.
This series has been developed in close cooperation with our customers and is a flexible platform for customized solution

ITT Cannon APD Connector Series Avnet Abacus


Features Layouts Applications
  • APD design according ISO 15170
  • Full plastic, robust design
  • Proven bayonet locking feature
  • Secondary locking feature
  • IP69k sealing level
  • Resistant against fluids like e.g. diesel and oil
  • High power & high voltage (VDE certified) solutions available
  • Light in weight, cost effective in terms of material used
  • Suitable for harsh environment applications
  • Fast & easy assembly saves money at installation
  • Large variety of existing layouts and endbells and accessories
  • Excellent platform for customized connector solutions
  • APD 1-way: 245A with size 0 contacts
  • APD 2-way: 105A with size 8 contacts
  • APD 4-way: 29A with APK25 contacts
  • APD 6/7 way with T2P contacts
  • APD 19-way with APK16 contacts
  • APD 37-way with APK16 contacts
  • APD 51-way with APK16 contacts

Industrial and Heavy Equipment

  • Chassis
  • Gear box
  • Control panels/box
  • Sensor applications
  • Dashboard harnessing
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Robotic equipment
  • Cabin interface
  • Signal and power distribution
  • Lighting
  • Engine control unit
  • Valve control
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