Molex QSFP-DD Interconnect System

Molex QSFP-DD interconnect system and cable assemblies

QSFP-DD interconnect system’s 8-lane electrical interface transmits up to 28 Gbps NRZ or 56 Gbps PAM-4, up to 200 or 400 Gbps aggregate, with the same module form factor as QSFP interconnects, making them backward compatible.

Telecommunication and data center customers have increasing bandwidth requirements and, therefore, require high-density interconnects. QSFP-DD interconnect system enables faceplate density equal to the current 2x1 QSFP form factor, but with 8-lane ports. In other words, a total of 256 differential pairs with 32 ports delivers double-lane density within the same form factor.

Customers can upgrade their box in advance of new cables, and their infrastructure won’t be idle while they wait for cables to be built. QSFP-DD Interconnect System supports legacy cables as well as upgraded plugs.
The MSA had defined:

  • QSFP-DD Module form factor
  • 2-by-1 cage and connector form factor
  • 1-by-1 cage and SMT connector form factor
  • Pinout and management interface
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3M has presented New 3M™ 100G QSFP28 Direct Attach Copper Cable Assemblies, 9Q Series are passive copper cable assemblies which utilize 3M Twin Axial Cable technology to create a highly-flexible, foldable, high-performance solution.


Features Applications
  • 28 Gbps NRZ and 56 Gbps PAM4
  • Preferential coupling design uses a narrow-edge coupled, blanked- and formed-contact geometry and insert molding
  • Surface-mount technology (SMT) design available
  • Stacked integrated connectors and cages are available in 2-by-1 configuration
  • Fully integrated design
  • Identical mating interface as the QSFP+ connector for backward compatibility
  • Nickel-plated heat sink
  • 0.80mm-pitch host connector designed for placement beneath EMI cage
  • QSFP-DD Cable Assemblies
  • Temp-Flex cable technology
  • Meets IEEE 802.3bj, InfiniBand EDR and SAS 3.0 specifications
  • Data center solutions
    - Servers
    - Storage
  • Telecommunications/networking
    - Cellular infrastructure
    - Central offices
    - Multi-platform service systems
    - Routers
    - Servers
    - Switches

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.

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