Murata Power Solutions (Murata PS)

Avnet Abacus is an authorised Murata Power Solutions (Murata PS) distributor throughout Europe.

Murata PS is the world's largest supplier of DC-DC converters and is ranked among the world's top five suppliers of power electronics. Murata PS designs and manufactures a broad offering of standard DC DC converter products and is a market leading designer of custom AC DC power converter solutions.

The Murata DC-DC converter product line includes a complete range of high performance isolated board mount power and non-isolated point-of-loads as well as non-isolated DC-DC converters for processor and memory applications.

Standard and custom AC/DC products include high efficiency and high power density front end modules for distributed power architectures and industry-standard open frame, u-channel and compact PCI power solutions.

Murata offers a broad range of magnetics for power line filtering, isolation and EMC applications.

As a Murata distributor, Avnet Abacus supports a range of electronics design applications including telecommunications equipment, data management systems, industrial controls, transportation electronics and energy systems.

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DC-DC coverters for HV gate drive applications

Gate drive applications create challenging conditions which are not factored into the design of standard DC-DC converters. Avnet Abacus offers Murata’s MGJ series DC-DC converters, designed and tested to withstand high dv/dt and DC link conditions without measurable breakdown within the isolation barrier.

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Murata Power Solutions featured products

To meet the demands for efficient power, Avnet Abacus offers a wide range of highly reliable Murata products for standard and custom designs.

One of the global leaders in the design and supply of DC-DC converters, Murata has expanded its portfolio with market leading products and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Its range of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters has been designed for a wide range of applications.


Murata Power Solutions products and solutions

Learn more about the latest products and solutions from Murata Power Solutions.



Murata Power Solutions IRH Series Product Spotlight

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IRH series DC-DC converters

Learn more about Murata's IRH series of DC-DC converters for high-reliability industrial and railway applications.

Murata Power Solutions IRH Series

Murata Power Solutions BAC1 Converters - Product Spotlight

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BAC1 isolated 1W AC-DC converters

Murata Power Solutions BAC1 isolated 1W regulated single-output AC-DC converters operate over the wide industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, supporting operation in still air for the most demanding environments.

Murata Power Solutions NXJ1 Series Product Spotlight

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NXJ1 series of surface mount DC-DC converters

The NXJ1 series is a new range of low cost, lower profile, fully automated manufacture surface mount DC-DC converters from Murata.

Murata Power Solutions NXJ1 Series

Murata Power Solutions MGJ1 Series - Product Spotlight

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MGJ1 series of DC-DC converters

Learn more about Murata's MGJ1 series 5.7kVDC isolated 1W SM gate drive DC-DC converters.

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