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Panasonic Electric Works


Avnet Abacus is an authorised Panasonic Electric Works distributor throughout Europe.

Panasonic Electric Works is developing new generations of high quality electronic and electromechanical components and provides customers with technical support and solutions tailored to fit their needs.

Target markets for components include the automotive industry, factory and building automation, measurement and safety engineering, as well as the photovoltaic branch and technologies for renewable energy.

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Panasonic Electric Works PhotoMOS relay solutions

Modern semiconductor technology enables fast, quiet, bounce-free switching, even in miniature sizes. PhotoMOS relays nevertheless enjoy an almost unlimited lifetime if used according to the specifications. Moreover, they are extremely reliable, unaffected by vibrations, and their ON-resistance remains stable throughout their entire lifetime.

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Filter Sensors and transducers Switches and relays


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Panasonic Electric Works products and solutions

Learn more about the latest products and solutions from Panasonic Electric Works.


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Panasonic Electric Works SFY Relays High Power Capability Product Spotlight

Panasonic Electric Works

SFY series high power relay

Panasonic's SFY relay series features a force-guided contact structure that complies with IEC 61810-3, Type A.

Panasonic AMN Series PaPIR Motions Sensors Product Spotlight

Panasonic Electric Works

AMN series PaPIR motions sensors

Panasonic’s NaPion AMN sensors offer stable detection with a shielded amplifier package.

Panasonic’s NaPion AMN sensors offer stable de3tection with a shielded amplifier package.

Panasonic Electric Works HE-S Series Spotlight

Panasonic Electric Works

HE-S series high power relays

Panasonic Electric Works HE-S series high power relays are the industry's smallest and lowest operating power multi-contact high-capacity power relays.

Panasonic Electric Works DE Series 16A Relay Spotlight

Panasonic Electric Works

DE series 16A relay

The DE series 16A polarised power relay from Panasonic Electric Works is currently the smallest 16A relay on the market. The small footprint makes it ideal for applications such as smart sockets and smart plugs.

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