Panasonic Electric Works PhotoMOS Relays

Panasonic Electric Works PhotoMOS relays

Modern semiconductor technology enables fast, quiet, bounce-free switching, even in miniature sizes. PhotoMOS relays nevertheless enjoy an almost unlimited lifetime if used according to the specifications. Moreover, they are extremely reliable, unaffected by vibrations, and their ON-resistance remains stable throughout their entire lifetime.

PhotoMOS is used to check the isolation between High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) in HV or EV. In connection with some high ohmic resistors (shunts), the secure separation of the high voltage and low-voltage sides of the electrical system is checked.

Obviously the PhotoMOS differ from the conventional electro-mechanical relays. PhotoMOS are classified to semiconductor relays that have no moving contact, therefore they are superior to conventional electro-mechanical relays in life-expectance and reliability of contacts, operation speed, and their sizes.
But they also distinguish themselves from other switching solutions that utilise photo-couplers, photo-transistors etc. PhotoMOS have MOSFET for output, therefore they are the most suitable devices for small analog signal switching.

Featured products


RF series for radio frequency

Low ON-resistance and low output capacitance for applications like measurement devices, telecommunication devices and medical devices



Features Applications
  • Low capacitance and low on resistance
  • Controls low-level analog signals
  • 1 form A, 2 Form A and 4 form A types available
  • Available in SON, SOP, DIP, SSOP and super small VSSOP packages
  • Low-level off-state leakage current of typ. 0.01nA (AQY225R2S)
  • Data communications
  • Medical equipment
  • Measuring and testing equipment like IC tester, liquid crystal driver tester, semiconductor performance tester, bare board tester, in-circuit tester, function tester, etc.
  • Telecommunication and broadcasting equipment

GU series for general use

Extensive lineup for general purpose, available as 1a or 1b types in DIP4 or SOP4 package for up to 600V or up to 1.25A



Features Applications
  • Controls low-level analog signals
  • Controls various types of loads such as relays, motors, lamps and solenoids
  • Optical coupling for extremely high isolation
  • Stable ON-resistance
  • Low-level off state leakage current of max. 1μA
  • Reinforced insulation type of I/O voltage 5,000Vrms available
  • Normally open and normally closed contacts available
  • Protection diode in the drive circuits on the input side
  • High-speed inspection machines
  • Data communication equipment
  • Security equipment
  • Power supply
  • Measuring equipment
  • Industrial robots
  • Computers

AQV series automotive qualified types

Automotive grade PhotoMOS relays offer enhanced quality controls. The car chassis has to be reliably galvanically isolated from the HV battery. Automotive PhotoMOS can be used as fast electronic switches in order to detect leakage currents in a isolation monitoring application.


Panasonic Electric Works AQV high power PhotoMOS relays - Avnet Abacus


Features Applications
  • Available for high voltages up to 1500V
  • Minimal leakage current (typ. <1nA)
  • Turn-ON time: max. 0.5ms . 1.0ms
  • Turn-OFF time: max. 0.5ms
  • Tested according to AEC-Q101
  • Input/output isolation up to 5kVrms
  • No threshold voltage
  • Stable ON-resistance over entire lifetime
  • Highly shock and vibration resistant
  • Security equipment
  • Fire-preventing system
  • Industrial machine
  • Thermostat (HVAC temperature controller)

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