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Avnet Abacus is an authorised PUI distributor throughout Europe.

Established in 1973, PUI Audio is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of quality audio devices and components. PUI's comprehensive linecard of standard, special order, and custom products includes indicators & transducers, piezo benders, speakers, sirens and microphones.

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PUI Audio products and solutions

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PUI Audio PMM-3738-WP-2-R MEMS Microphone - Product Spotlight

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PUI Audio

PMM-3738-WP-2-R MEMS Microphone

PUI Audio has introduced the Piezoelectic MEMS microphone diaphragm which travels freely with sound making for improved fidelity and noise-rejection.

PUI Audio N50 Mini Speakers Product Spotlight

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PUI Audio

N50 mini speakers - built for high-fidelity

PUI Audio announces a new lineup of high fidelity N50 mini speakers with full-range output and maximum SPL.

PUI Audio is pleased to announce a new lineup of High Fidelity N50 Mini Speakers.
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