RRC Power Solutions

Avnet Abacus is an authorised RRC Power Solutions distributor throughout Europe. 

Since RRC power solutions was founded in 1989, it has continuously grown to become a worldwide leading company for power supplies, batteries and battery charging technology. RRC offers standard products and platform solutions for applications in the medical, military, industrial and consumer markets. Each product is delivered with all the approvals that are required for worldwide market entry.

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Li-ion standard batteries

RRC's range of standard Li-ion battery packs offers cutting-edge lithium-based technology for demanding applications. 


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2020 lithium-ion battery

The RRC 2020 series is a rechargeable rectangular, 6200mA, 11.25V, 8850mAh lithium-ion battery with a snap contact.


2024 lithium-ion battery

The RRC 2024 series is a rechargeable rectangular 4620mA, 14.4V, 6600mAh lithium-ion battery with a snap contact.


2040-2 lithium-ion battery

The RRC 2040-2 series is a standard battery pack (3S2P) with 11.25V, 6400mAh and 72Wh.


2054-2 lithium-ion battery

The RRC 2054-2 series is a rechargeable rectangular, 4830mA, 14.4V, 6900mAh lithium-ion battery a snap contact.


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