Avnet Abacus is an authorised Samtec distributor throughout Europe.

Samtec is a privately held, global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including IC-to-board / ultra micro, high speed board-to-board, high speed cables, future-proof / active optics, flexible stacking, and micro / rugged components and cables.

To meet the interconnect challenges of tomorrow and beyond, Samtec has developed unique Technology Centres to help optimise the entire signal transmission path from the IC to the panel and beyond, and all points in between.

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Samtec mPOWER Power System Spotlight

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mPOWER™ 2.00 mm pitch ultra micro power system

Samtec has launched the mPOWER™ range of UMPS/UMPT connectors – the ultimate micro high-power solution with incredible design flexibility for power-only or power/signal applications.

Samtec ExaMAX Product Spotlight

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ExaMAX® high speed and micro backplane systems

Samtec ExaMAX® high-speed backplane interconnects deliver 28 Gbps electrical performance while offering a migration path to 56 Gbps.

Samtec Flyover Copper Cable Assemblies Product Spotlight

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Flyover copper cable assemblies

Samtec’s “Flyover” design approach breaks the constraints of traditional signalling substrate and hardware offerings, resulting in a cost-effective, high-performance answer to the challenges of 28 Gbps bandwidths and beyond.

Samtec PCI Express Product Spotlight

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PCI Express® internal cable assembly

PCI Express® internal cable assemblies act as high-speed jumper cable assemblies between industry-standard PCI Express® adaptor cards.