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Schaffner FN 221x HV & FN 331x HV Series

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FN221x HV and FN331x HV series

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Schaffner introduces the new FN 22xx HV and FN 33xx HV standard filters for high current applications for 690 VAC and 1’500 VDC PV inverters, converters and motor drives. These innovative filters are optimised for the requirements of photovoltaic-, power conversion-, energy storage- and motor control systems and take into consideration Schaffner’s extensive global application experience with AC- and DC power systems.

The FN 221x series of HV DC filters help to meet the limits of binding EMC standards for PV installations in Europe and other regions. Furthermore, this 1’500 VDC filter will help to increase the service life of solar panels, improve reliability, and reduce potential interference radiation by protecting against inverter-born high-frequency and leakage currents.

FDIS recently approved the new international CISPR11, Ed.6.0 standard, which defines conducted emission limits at the DC power ports of "Grid Connected Power Conditioners".

The extremely compact FN 331x series AC filters help to meet current EMC standards and are optimised to suit most modern inverter design requirements for various power converter types.

The new filters require much less installation space compared to traditional solutions due to optimised attenuation performance levels. They also offer minimum power loss related to the rating of the inverter and thus help to maximise system efficiency.

Both bus-bar filter series are available with ratings from 250 A to 2’300 A. Versions without capacitors to ground are also available as standard product for specific AC- and DC power system requirements. 

All models are CE, UL, CSA and ENEC (FN 331x HV) approved and RoHS compliant.


Schaffner FN 221x HV and FN 331x HV Standard Filters

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Features and Benefits 


FN 2211 HV and FN 2210 HV FN 3311 HV and FN 3310 HV
  • Reduces conducted emissions towards the solar panel
  • Reduces the probability of EMI radiation off the solar panel
  • Helps to prevent premature panel aging
  • Helps to meet international EMC regulations
  • Most compact standard solution in the industry
  • FN 2210 HV without Cy capacitors to ground
  • High current 3-phase filter up to 2300 A
  • Extremely compact and light weight design
  • Minimum installation foot print
  • Performance optimised for standard purpose applications
  • FN 3310 HV series without Cy capacitors to ground
  • FN 3311 HVIT versions for use in IT power networks

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