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Most startups face a long and exciting journey from idea to product, and from product to market. It can be fraught with complications ranging from finding the right components to designing for manufacturability to creating a supply chain when your product takes off globally.

Armed with decades of experience scaling hardware, Avnet guides startups to success.

Hanhaa turned to Avnet to take their reusable, intelligent parcel tracking service through the design process. We got them to volume production in just 3 years, working with TE Connectivity to design a custom antenna to get it done. Read the full story on how Avnet and TE helped here.



Inside TE’s state-of-the-art antenna laboratories
Inside TE’s state-of-the-art antenna laboratories


Whether you’re still forming your product idea or shaping your global production plan, we have resources at the ready to help you at any stage of product development:


Look to our 1 million online community members or in-person experts to help you figure out the technical requirements of product development.

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Find the resources—whether its product information, components, engineering support or customised solutions—to bring your product to life.

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We help you select the best components for your solution from a range of authorised suppliers.

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We’ll make sure manufacturing is done right, whether we do it ourselves or find the right partner for you.

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We can make everything local for you, wherever you need it. We’ll help you design in one region and expand your market opportunity in another.

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We help you get ahead of your end of life, regulatory and technical support/repair needs. You’ll save time and money through single sourcing.

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Small business, big mission

Read how Avnet guided Hanhaa from idea to volume production in just 3 years

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Continuing to grow - Hanhaa moves to larger offices

It was just one year ago when Hanhaa moved into its own private offices in Tobacco Dock. In that year the company has doubled in size leading to the need for further expansion and facilities.

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Learn more about the Avnet, kickstarter, dragon innovation hardware studio providing powerful tools, resources, advice and expertise for hardware creators.

Find the makers and partners to help your startup get to market. This collaborative environment connects you to peer-reviewed service providers, showcases new products and encourages knowledge sharing at every product stage.

Join the discussion-based community where engineers solve each others’ technical and design challenges. See the projects that other engineers are working on, learn from their experiences and from online training and get help optimizing your designs

In this community dedicated to helping users around the world learn how to design, create and program Internet-connected hardware, you can build your portfolio, share and contribute to projects, and discover platforms and resources.