AS series automotive grade X7R MLCC

Yageo recently introduced an automotive grade X7R MLCC with soft termination; the AS series. It is manufactured with continuous quality improvements and assurances to further solve the cracking issue caused by excessive mechanical stress and thermal fatigue. The AS series meets not only the automotive industry’s high standard requirements but also other segments which require superior reliability.

The soft termination MLCC is designed by inserting a conductive silver polymer layer into the typical termination structure. This layer acts as a “cushion” to relieve the stress when the MLCC is in a severe environment. Compared with the other automotive grade AC series, which guarantees a 2mm test board flexure, the AS series can resist at least 5mm for case sizes equals to or smaller than 1210.

Yageo recently introduced an automotive grade X7R MLCC with soft termination; the AS series.

As a member of automotive grade product family, the AS series complies with AEC-Q200 criteria as the basic quality requirement. In order to reach an even higher quality level and to obtain longer life and superior reliability, high quality raw material, a special construction design, comprehensive SPC (Statistical Process Control), a dedicated production line, a tightened processing control and an entire in line and outgoing automatic check are adopted on top of the existing production standards.

Currently, the AS series offers case sizes from 0805 to 1210, capacitance range of 1nF to 4.7µF, and rated voltage from 10V to 250 V. Production part approval process (PPAP) documents are ready for AS series. As all other Yageo’s MLCC series, the AS series is also RoHS compliant and comes with enhanced thermal and mechanical robustness. This offers automotive customers a wider variety of choices and solutions in order to meet various application demands and requirements.

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