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On-demand technical webinars

Kick start your project by joining Avnet Abacus’ technical specialists for our series of on-demand webinars that take a deep-dive into a range of topics including connector, sensor and wireless technology.

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Grid Box Light_3-PM Murata Motion Detection


Designing motion detection systems with PIR and ultrasonic sensors

This webinar will provide an in-depth of analysis of these two technologies, addressing the important factors to consider when choosing a motion detection sensor.

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TDK InvenSense

An introduction to motion sensor technology

Learn about the basics of motion sensor technology and how to leverage it in consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

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TE Connectivity

Designing with pressure sensors

This webinar explores the different types of pressure sensor and how to select the right sensor for your application.

Grid Box Light_3-FV Omron MOSFET


Circuit design with MOSFET relays

Discover how to advance your industrial designs using MOSFET relays in this webinar with Omron on Element14.

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IoT smart city sensors

Discover how selecting the right IoT sensors can ensure reliability and accuracy when implementing new automatic environmental response systems.

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Engineering Services

Ask an expert

Have a question? Our regional technical specialists are on hand to help

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Engineers' insight

Engineers' insight

Engineers' insight from Avnet Abacus is designed to keep you up to date with the latest industry news, product innovation and current topics from the world of electronic components.

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Connectors and wireless

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Panasonic Industry

Five key considerations for designing smart edge devices

This webinar will discuss design best practices when it comes to developing smart edge devices using Bluetooth 5 as a communications interface.

Grid Box Light_3-NX Molex Connector Design


Connector design consideration for advanced automotive system

Watch Molex's connector deisgn webinar with Element 14. An in-depth look at how developments in automotive connectivity are driving the need for micro connector solutions and how to leverage them in your applications.

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TE Connectivity

Antenna design and integration for Industrial IoT applications

This webinar will provide an in-depth analysis of antenna technology, addressing the important factors to consider when choosing a solution, as well as tips on understanding datasheets.

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Adding wireless communications to your designs

Discover Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions and take an in-depth look at protocol selection, development environments, tools and regulatory requirements in this hour-long webinar.

Grid Box Light_3-LS


Designing LoRa and Sigfox nodes

Take a deep dive into designing cost-effective, compact and low-power LoRa and Sigfox nodes with Murata's Open MCU LPWAN module in this hour-long webinar.

Grid Box Light_3-TV


Antenna design considerations for a Smart Home

Learn how antennas can support varied frequencies and multiple protocols in the Connected Home with this 40-minute technical presentation.