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The automotive sector is experiencing unprecendented demand for electronics solutions in passenger vehicles. From the shift to 48V systems, to the adoption of advanced vehicle connectivity, automotive design engineers are facing a host of new challenges in applications including:

The automotive industry is highly regulated, and electronic components must adhere to specfic quality standards, such as AECQ-200 for passives. Avnet Abacus works with leading suppliers to ensure their components are certified and safe for use in high risk environments. Our technical and supply chain specialists understand the challenges engineers face, and can help specify components that exceed technical requirements, and meet compliance, lifetime and supply chain expectations. If you would like to discuss your requirements, get in touch with the team in your local language.

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Pressure sensors: 10 innovative automotive applications

Learn more about the life-altering and eco-friendly applications of pressure sensors for automotives.

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Focus magazine

Automotive design: accelerating innovation

This edition of Focus magazine addresses these challenges from each perspective.

Alps Alpine's basis from which they set out to supply products generating new value in HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces), SENSORING™ (sensing), Connectivity domains for automotive market.

Bourns, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and supplier of position and speed sensors, circuit protection solutions, magnetic components, microelectronic modules, panel controls and resistive products.

Panasonic offers large eco-friendly, reliable, comfortable and safe range of automotive electronic components solutions.

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Amphenol has developed a broad range of innovative connector solutions to support automotive designs, specialising in plating, signal integrity performance, and power management.

Improve your automotive system with the latest switch and module solutions

TDK automotive solutions include not only standard components, but also application-specific solutions, which are developed together with our customers.

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Engineers' insight

Engineers' insight

Engineers' insight from Avnet Abacus is designed to keep you up to date with the latest industry news, product innovation and current topics from the world of electronic components.

Aptiv's Smart Vehicle Architecture incorporates the full suite of their technology and brings it together through their systems integration expertise.

Integrating automotive systems with the latest connection systems, electronics and software solutions

Increasing automotive system with the latest passive components solutions

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Engineering Services

Ready to start the engine of your automotive design?

Our automotive specialists are on hand to provide technical and product support you need.

From the general electrification of the drive-train through to the distribution of control buses, Bel offers a large and growing portfolio of automotive standard products.

Empowering innovative automotive systems with the latest passive, power and sensor solutions.