With Avnet Abacus' support you hit the mark

Every customer we serve is, in turn, looking to serve customers in a specific market segment. This is a key factor in the technologies and services we recommend to support your vision. Our team brings direct, personal experience in the wide range of markets that we cover and are experts at creating applications that fit. We provide comprehensive solutions that match performance levels, environmental conditions, regulatory requirements and industry standards specific to each market we engage.

Avnet Abacus is also at the forefront of identifying and leading customers looking to capitalise on emerging markets. We see over the horizon in order to be prepared in advance for where markets are headed.

Some of the largest markets we support are below along with applications that span multiple markets:

Aerospace and defence application

Aerospace and defence

At Avnet Abacus, we understand delivering today’s advanced aerospace and defence systems requires a partner who understands every aspect of your business.

Energy market application


Avnet Abacus is involved with every facet of energy transformation and no matter what you’re designing, our experience will ensure your application is fully charged for success.

Security and Surveillance Grid Box

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Security and surveillance application

Security and surveillance

Avnet Abacus understands that security is a high priority. Regardless of the application, our experts can help you find the products to secure your systems.

Automotive and Transportation Grid Box

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Automotive and transportation application

Automotive and transportation

The automotive and transportation landscape is experiencing innovation like never before. Avnet Abacus puts you in the driver’s seat by providing technical assistance every step of the way.

Healthcare market application


Ready to be a part of the next wave of healthcare innovation? Avnet Abacus is your key partner in making breakthrough applications come to life.

Wearables application


Whether you’re just starting with an idea in your garage or part of a team developing a new product for an established OEM, Avnet Abacus' experts are ready to guide you.

Building and Home Automation Grid Box

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Building and home automation application

Building and home automation

Partnering with Avnet Abacus provides you with a clear path to overcoming challenges in home and building automation and delivering a winning solution into the market quickly.

Industrial market application


Avnet Abacus' expertise can make your industrial equipment and infrastructure vision become a reality, faster.

Communications application


Across telecommunications, networking, unified communications and content distribution, Avnet Abacus guides you through the communications network to find the right solution for your needs.

Lighting market application


Whether it's street lighting, architectural lighting, or any one of many applications, Avnet Abacus can help you develop your lighting solution.