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Your journey to delivering breakthrough innovation

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Every customer we work with has a unique vision and faces challenges that pose potential threats to their success. What sets Avnet Abacus apart is how we invest time to clearly understand your environment, goals and objectives. This enables us to craft a tailored plan for achieving your desired outcome. Working together to deliver the most effective solution, you’ll experience the benefit of engaging Avnet Abacus, the guide that’ll show you the way to reach further.


Services that support every phase of the journey

We view working through the stages of your products lifecycle as a journey. Each step is a distinct segment but all of the segments must integrate seamlessly to arrive smoothly at the final destination. From initial concept all the way to supporting your product in the field, Avnet offers proven services to supplement your resources efficiently and effectively.

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It starts with your idea, either a new concept or improvement of a design. Whether you’re part of an established technology company or a start-up, Avnet Abacus offers you access to the resources you need. Working with us provides you with market and technology research, interactive design tools and collaboration with experienced and certified technical experts who’ll turn your concept into a tangible product or application.

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As a result of our collaboration on your design, you’ll have a bill of materials (BOM) that’s optimised around technology and reliable product availability. Avnet is a strategic partner and authorised source for all of the products we represent across all technologies. You’ll never question where the parts in your system came from. Our deep supplier relationships ensure our order pipelines and inventory position will keep your products flowing into the market.

The key to success around what we supply to you is disciplined financial planning and risk management. Our collaborative approach means we treat your capital just like we’d treat our own. The result of our review and planning method is a customised financial model for your supply-chain we’re confident will lead to your success.

Our supply-chain services are consistently recognized among the best in the world. That’s not us talking, that’s based on awards from our customers and evaluations by analysts such as the Gartner group.

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Product and solution design

Design: The Art and Science of Turning an Idea into Reality

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Supply chain services

Supply Chain Solutions: Linking Value throughout Your Solution

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Delivering Your Vision Takes World-Class Logistics

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Warehouse locations

Find out more about our warehouse locations in EMEA

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The job’s not done until your product reaches your customers or your channel partners.  Avnet Abacus'  reach and infrastructure becomes your strategic advantage. Our state-of-the-art distribution centres make everything local to where you need it. We will keep your production lines flowing or seamlessly connect with your contract manufacturer to ensure on time delivery is a differentiator for you.

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