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Inventory Management & Warehousing

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Inventory management and warehousing are the foundation for supply chain solutions

To get you to the most efficient supply-chain solution, Avnet Abacus' supply chain experts will perform a deep dive diagnosis and financial assessment of your current operations. Out of this we’ll collaborate with you to create a tailored solution that’s based on our proven inventory management and warehousing services.

Every service we offer has been used in hundreds of deployments all over the globe. We continually review our capabilities and refine, expand or create new or improved services to ensure your supply chain is your competitive advantage.

Once we’ve defined your plan, we’ll document everything in our Safe Passage® project management system so you’ll have complete visibility to the tasks, milestones and status of every step in the implementation plan.

Services we will draw from to build your solution

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Business-to-Business Mapping
  • Inventory and Order Visibility
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Obsolescence Services
  • Vendor Managed Inventory / Consignment
  • Reduced Lead-Time Programs
Inventory management

With your solution in place, we’ll create the right flow of materials for your build requirements. We do this by pipelining inventory and warehousing it to efficiently feed your manufacturing lines. Throughout the life of the solution we’ll actively review performance with you. Whenever we anticipate changes in the environment, we’ll work together to make adjustments to inventory levels or pipelines. Our goal is to ensure you meet your financial objectives and your service level agreements with your customers.

Our model is proven to work with large, global OEMs and startup companies introducing a new innovation to the market. Our supply-chain team is tightly coupled with our field component engineers and our system engineers to harmonize the design and supply side of the equation. The devices we recommend for your BOM will fit nicely into your supply-chain solution as a result of our holistic collaboration. 

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Supply chain solutions

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