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Making the right interconnections

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For years, Avnet Abacus has set the standard for helping designers integrate interconnect products into their products for end-market applications including Aerospace and Defence, Energy, Networking, Storage, Communications, Industrial and Transportation.

Our robust inventory—featuring the leading technology suppliers in the industry—and design tools allow us to provide unparalleled support for your innovations, and with the help of our interconnect experts, every connection in your system will enable peak performance, even in the toughest of environmental conditions.


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Products connecting every layer across all markets

Whether you are designing a board, integrating an embedded appliance or looking to connect servers Avnet Abacus has products for every layer of connection in your system. From sockets for chips and modules, to high-speed backplane connectors, from board-to-board communications to mil-spec and space-grade connectors, our interconnect offering includes:


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Tools to build your connections

Whatever the production volume or job mix, Avnet Abacus can offer the tools and solutions to get it done. Our full range of tooling, from hand tools to high volume, fully automated systems, means that we are able to meet global manufacturing demands.

  • High quality equipment options for all levels of connector specifications
  • Broad range of tooling from hand tools to high-volume fully automated systems
  • Manually operated equipment including hand-crimp, hydraulic, battery and pneumatic powered tools for prototyping, field repair and limited production volume
  • Semi-automatic equipment including industry standard bench top crimp presses for enhanced output levels

Search tooling from some of our key manufacturers:

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Tying it all together

Our pan-European field sales engineers and product specialists guide developers to the right solution by taking a system level approach to the design process. Using their understanding of your application, market requirements, and component and board strategy, they work closely with our suppliers to provide the highest level of engineering support for your design. Get started today by contacting your local Avnet Abacus sales office, or click the Ask an Expert button to send us your enquiry.

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CLIK-Mate connector system

The rugged CLIK-Mate wire-to-board system provides secure electrical contact, low insertion force and mating assurance in a wide variety of configurations, circuit sizes and current options.

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High-speed interconnect solutions

Molex high-speed interconnect products provide a solution for the fastest networks across telecommunications, networking and data center applications.

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Explore our pan-European connector suppliers and product capabilities.

Avnet Abacus connector products

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