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Every product your design requires

Avnet Abacus has many years of experience working with customers—from startups, to established OEMs—across all market segments. We know firsthand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. Each situation is unique and, to provide you with exceptional support, we have to be prepared for them all.

To meet that challenge, Avnet Abacus offers a comprehensive portfolio of component technologies from the world’s leading suppliers. As an authorised source, our products come straight from the factory. With a value-added Avnet partnership, you can count on us for unbiased product recommendations, technical support for all of our products, and services to complement your resources in operations and engineering—every step of the way.  We also maintain a robust inventory, deep factory order pipelines, and tailored supply-chain solutions to fit your business model.

When you work with Avnet, here are the technologies we’re ready to support:

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Our understanding of the chemistry, the physics and all of the other science behind battery technology means that you can focus on your product design.

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An adequate and appropriate supply of power is a requirement for every piece of electronics equipment and Avnet Abacus can help you find the right solution.

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The Avnet Abacus team has a deep electromechanical know-how and we use our knowledge to guide you to a successful outcome.

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RF & wireless

When you want a partner with deep experience designing successful RF and wireless applications, you’ll want Avnet Abacus.

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For years, Avnet Abacus has set the standard for helping designers integrate interconnect solutions into their products for end-market applications.

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Advances in sensing technologies are increasing the functionality of devices in many industries including. Avnet Abacus provides the solutions and technical expertise to guide engineers to the perfect sensing system.

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As the primary partner for many leading producers of passive electronic components, Avnet Abacus is the authorised source you can count on.

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