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An adequate and appropriate supply of power is a requirement for every piece of electronics equipment. Sometimes you need AC-DC and/or on-board DC-DC power to drive industrial, communications, healthcare or lighting systems. Other times you need to maintain long-term power in a portable or remote sensor as part of an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

However your design is powered, Avnet Abacus can provide market leading end-to-end-support for your application, from prototype to production and every step in between.

An industry-leading linecard

Our comprehensive linecard includes a broad portfolio of technologies from leading global manufacturers, for applications in a wide range of end-markets including industrial, healthcare & wearables, remote monitoring, lighting, transportation and more.


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Designing or looking for a power solution for the first time? Or maybe you need a refresher on power principles. Explore our knowledge library below to get yourself up to date with the various power technologies, design challenges and selection criteria.

An introduction to power supply design

In this guide to power supply design, we explore the build or buy decision, the different topologies, design requirements and power supply standards. 



Understanding switched-mode power supplies

Read our guide to switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), the principles, architecture, converter topologies, and making the right choice for your application.



LED drivers: constant current vs. constant voltage

What's the difference between constant voltage, constant current and constant power LED drivers? Learn how they work, their certifications, the design considerations and challenges.



How to limit inrush current in power supplies

Explore the design challenges of inrush current, how to use NTC thermistors to limit the inrush current, and choosing the right thermistor for your application.



Power Legislation

European power guidelines

Power efficiency guidelines are intended to save energy in the production and use of power supplies.



Explore our pan-European power suppliers and product capabilities.

Avnet Abacus power products


Bel Power Solutions product highlights

Discover our wide range of world-class AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion products from Bel Power Solutions.

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The power of experience and knowledge at work

When it comes to power supplies, our pan-European team of technical specialists will take a system-level approach. They work closely with our suppliers to provide you with the highest level of engineering support, helping you ensure maximum performance and efficiency within your design.

While power may be the last thing you design, working with Avnet Abacus means it gets done right—the first time. Get started today by contacting your local Avnet Abacus sales office, or click the Ask an Expert button to send us your enquiry.

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Engineering Services

Ask an expert

Have a question? Our regional technical specialists are on hand to help



FS1406 µPOL™ DC-DC power module

The world's smallest micro point-of-load DC-DC power module offers 15W of power in a tiny 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.5mm package, ideal for powering FPGAs for the next generation of computing.

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Engineers' Insight

Meeting standards for rolling stock power supplies

The regulatory requirements surrounding mission-critical and non-mission critical rolling stock power supplies are paramount to application safety, but ready made solutions are available to meet these complex standards.


Solutions Guide

Powering your designs

However your design is powered, Avnet Abacus can provide market leading end-to-end support for your application, from prototype to production and every step in between. Download our power solutions guide to find out more.

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Railway power solutions

Whether for control and infrastructure or rolling stock, Avnet Abacus can help you find the right power conversion solutions that can perform safely and reliably in railway applications.

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