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What to watch out in the post-pandemic era?

where is the fulcrum point of the medical electronics market

The enormity and gravity of the impact of COVID-19 has been truly unprecedented, and there is no end in sight. As the pandemic continues to ravage many countries around the world, those who were initially successful in preventing the spread of the disease now fear a resurgence during the colder seasons, compounded by public complacency. While nobody knows when this pandemic will end, one thing’s for sure – COVID-19 has activated and accelerated the medical electronics market.

It is important to filter short-term market fluctuations in order to identify long-term developments in the post-pandemic medical electronics market.

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Securing Your Smart and Connected Home


As we bring more and more IoT applications into smart homes, they become more connected. However, the dramatic increase of smart devices in a home network increases the potential entry point of attacks from a security point of view. Attacks on an unsecured home connection could result in stolen or misused personal data. Compromised smart home devices could be misused in larger scale attacks such as DDOS attacks which could potentially disable entire server networks.


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Securing Your Smart and Connected Home



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