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    Avnet’s Microsoft Azure Sphere starter kit can ‘Secure Everything’

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Can IoT Apps be protected with Azure Sphere?

A group of colleagues working in a computer security room having a discussion

The official commercial launch of Microsoft's Azure Sphere IoT security service platform at the beginning of this year has left many developers itching for a test run on their own IoT Apps. After all, with IoT being an "inelastic demand," it is undoubtedly a good thing to have tech support backed by Microsoft. Furthermore, the three-in-one solution system offered by Azure Sphere – namely, secured MCU, secured OS, and cloud security, looks so perfect that you would expect comprehensive IoT security to be within easy reach.

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Ultra96 accelerates autonomous robot

The TurtleBot3 Burger is a popular Robot Operating System (ROS) platform retrofitted with an Ultra96-V2 board, upgrading the capability from the Raspberry Pi board. Using Xilinx SDSoC and Vivado HLS tools, a compute intensive portion of the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm is accelerated within Xilinx Programmable Logic and accessed via a ROSstyle abstraction layer for the hardware accelerator.

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Ultra96 + TURTLEBOT3 Burger

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