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Connect to the world’s largest online engineering communities

Your specialization is your strength. But to go from idea to product to profitability, you need skills beyond your core competencies. That’s why we created the world’s largest communities of engineers — to connect you to actionable expertise.

Most makers don’t have the time to hunt across multiple high-level sources for the right people and information. Our communities are your shortcut to the answers and resources you need. Why struggle to solve challenges others have already addressed?

Connect directly to engineers with hands-on understanding of the gap you’re seeking to bridge. Then you can stay focused on what you do best, as you streamline testing, validation and production.

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Reach like-minded engineers.

Discuss your challenges with peers and overcome development issues. Learn how others are stepping up, and create contacts that can help you optimize your own efforts.

Gain insights and build skillsets.

Collaborate on projects and attend workshops to learn new skills. By expanding your abilities, you’ll be ready to take your ideas to the next level.

Keep up with new technology.

See new technology in action to better understand how to apply it in your development environment. You’ll gain an advantage over your competition as you shorten design cycles and time to market.