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Essential Analog with Maxim & Avnet

Maxim Integrated has a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance analog products that you can leverage in your next design.

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1200V Silicon carbide (SiC) CoolSiC™ discrete MOSFET

Infineon CoolSiC™ 1200 V discrete MOSFETs in TO247 three-pin and four-pin packages to address the fast-growing demand for energy-efficient SiC solutions in power conversion.


Ambient light sensor

The VEML6030 is a very high-sensitivity, high-accuracy ambient light sensor in a miniature transparent 2 mm by 2 mm package.

Huawei 3G, 4G wireless module & 3G, 4G light industry dongle



TMF8701 enables accurate~6cm detect/release with up to 60cm accurate distance sensing at 60Hz and TMF8801 release with up to 250cm.



The S2-LP is a high performance ultra-low power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless applications in the sub-1 GHz band.

Huawei 3G, 4G wireless module & 3G, 4G light industry dongle


Flex Suppressor

Contribute to solve EMI, De-sense and ESD problem for micro-wave ferquency range with a thin thickness sheet.

ON Semiconductor

FAN6500 serial

FAN6500XX is a wide VIN highly efficient synchronous buck regulator, with integrated high side and low side power MOSFETs.

TE Connectivity

Your perfect partners for IIoT

We'll help you revolutionize your factory floor.

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The LIS25BA is a low-noise high-bandwidth three-axis digital accelerometer with a dedicated TDM interface.

TE Connectivity

FX29 Force Compression Load Cell

OEMs today are designing devices and equipment to be smarter and smaller. TE Connectivity's (TE) FX29 is a compact compression load cell that offers exceptional price-to-performance in a robust sensor package.


AcceleRate® HD high-speed Mezzanine strips

AcceleRate® HD features high-speed Edge Rate® contacts designed for high-speed, high-cycle applications.



The STM32WLE5J8/JB/JC long-range wireless and ultra-low-power devices embed a powerful and ultra-low-power radio compliant LPWAN radio solution: LoRa®, (G)FSK, (G)MSK, and BPSK.


IL300 series

High linear coupler with time and temperature stability.


5G small cell

NXP offers a broad line of Arm®-based processors, programmable wireless platforms for 5G.

ON Semiconductor

Transform Your Thinking

With faster design cycles and increased competition, you need more than parts. You deserve solutions.

ON Semiconductor


The AR0237 RGB-IR is a 1/2.7-inch CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1928 (H) x 1088 (V).



The SiC45x is a PMBus 1.3 compliant non-isolated DC/DC buck regulator with integrated MOSFETs in a 5 mm x 7 mm thermally efficient package.

ON Semiconductor


The FDMF3170 is ON Semiconductor’s next generation Smart Power Stage (SPS) solutions.



The LIS3DHH has a full scale of ±2.5 g and is capable of providing the measured accelerations to the application through an SPI 4-wire digital interface.

TE Connectivity

SFP+ Connectors & Cages/2007194-1

SFP+ 1x1 cage assembly, PCI, solder tail.


Wide-band cellular flexible antenna

Wide-band antenna future-proofs wireless application developments to support evolving LTE and 4G/5G cellular technologies.


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The Competitive Edge of IoT: Your Path to Analog

Find a path to analog through components and services designed for a digital mindset with your partners in IoT development, Avnet and Microchip.


maXTouch® TD family

Three new maXTouch® touchscreen controllers and optimization services are now available from Microchip Technology Inc.

Trusted Objects

TO136 secure

Secure IoT devices and networks by offering a seamless chain of firmware, software , tools and services.



Nordic's nRF91 Series is an ultra-compact, low power, global, multimode LTE-M / NB-IoT System-in-Package with integrated Arm Cortex-M33 host processor, Arm TrustZone security technology, and Assisted GPS

Huawei 3G, 4G wireless module & 3G, 4G light industry dongle


MRAMs for high speed

High Performance MRAM offers the largest range of SPI interface, non-volatile memory sizes, with fast read and write speed.


RG500Q/RM500Q, RG510Q/RM510Q

5G module optimized specially for M2M and eMBB applications. Adopting the 3GPP Rel. 15 technology.


H-Chip polymer tantalum capacitor

The KEMET Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP) is a solid electrolytic capacitor with a conductive polymer cathode capable of delivering very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequencies.