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We’re guiding our customers from ideas on paper to impact on the world. They’re making a difference through innovation, whether it’s by protecting our loved ones, conserving our resources, or changing the way we live. We’re proud to celebrate our customers’ achievements and thank them for allowing Avnet to play a supporting role.

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Ribbon Comm -GBL

Case Study

Ribbon Communications

Ribbon Communications shifts supply chain economics with Avnet Integrated Solutions.

Fiber optics

Edico - GBL

Case Study

Edico Genome

Edico Genome’s DRAGEN Platform is changing the way clinicians diagnose and treat deadly diseases like cancer by giving them crucial genetic information at unprecedented speed, scale and accuracy.

DNA strand

Grid Box Light - Clarius

Case Study


Instead of bringing the patient to the machine, Clarius Mobile Health wanted to bring the machine to the patient. With technical product support from Avnet, they have.

Vital Grid Box Light

Case Study


Vital (formerly known as Arc Connected Devices) is an emerging business focused on connected health. With help from Avnet, the company is creating an easier and more affordable way for patients to monitor and track their vital signs.

Grid Box Light - Code42

Case Study


When Code42 needed to address their own complex business operations, they turned to Avnet’s Integrated Solutions team for access to our world-class capabilities and industry-leading technologies.

Young man in monitoring multiple computer screens.

Grid Box Light - swift

Case Study

Swift Navigation

Learn how Avnet helped Swift Navigation overcome obstacles to deliver a low cost, yet highly precise navigation solution.

Grid Box Light - Twyst

Case Study


See how Avnet is helping IoT start-up Twyst transform the brick-and-mortar retail experience through its smart bag.

Owlet Case Study Grid Box Light

Case Study


New parents have one of the hardest jobs in the world. With design help and guidance from Avnet, Owlet is making that job a little easier.

Ubicquia - Grid Box Light_1

Case Study


Tech start-up Ubicquia was impressed by Avnet’s global scale and distribution. See how Avnet helped guide their revolutionary IoT device to market, turning a smart idea into an even smarter product.

Braster - Grid Box Light_2

Case Study


Braster makes an at-home device to detect breast cancer that relies on the accuracy of its thermographic imaging. Avnet helped them customize a camera module to their exact specifications.