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The automotive and transportation industry is innovating like never before. As vehicles become safer, more connected and capable of running on alternative fuel sources, opportunities to advance transportation abound. To make the most of them, you’ll need help navigating the different technology options.

Avnet puts you in the driver’s seat by providing technical assistance every step of the way, supply-chain services that accelerate you up the on-ramp together with a complete ecosystem of technologies, to get you over the finish line.


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Tools to jump-start your design

The addition of new capabilities into cars and other vehicles is making them virtually unrecognizable. Whether it’s the car as a node on the network or an autonomous vehicle, we’re covering new ground. Fortunately, Avnet provides vast experience along with proven development tools and reference designs to speed up the product-development journey.


Our team created Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) reference designs, leveraging multifunction sensor technology to monitor lane drift and for collision avoidance. Avnet also has versatile embedded vision development platforms for rear-camera or smart-mirror applications. Our experience with developing options for adoption in car models will keep you clear of hazards along the way.

Avnet also understands you want to work with people who know the industry, speak the language and aren’t distracted with other priorities. Across the globe, we have teams specifically dedicated to automotive and transportation, located in the markets where design and development is happening. Our specialists come from the transportation industry. Around the globe our team shares best practices to stay finely tuned.

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Supply-chain drives optimum performance

Once your product is ready to hit the streets, you’ll want to ensure you have the right amount of product available to fuel demand. Avnet is a trusted partner of the largest companies in the electronics industry for supply-chain services. Gartner has recognized Avnet on multiple occasions in their High-Tech Top 10 Supply-Chain list. We are also pleased to note that we provide supply-chain services to seven of the other nine companies in the top 10.

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There’s no room for error when it comes to meeting demand in the automotive and transportation markets. This is especially true for companies that deliver sub-assemblies to the major OEMs. Avnet’s disciplined and detailed supply-chain processes, coupled with a wide range of flexible solutions, means you’ll achieve top supplier ratings for on-time delivery. You can learn more about how Avnet has made a science of supply-chain and review the different services we offer by visiting this page.

Keeping the right mix and level of components flowing to your manufacturing process is critical to your success. Avnet’s proven track record is the key piece to the winning formula.

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It takes a team to give you the winning edge

Just like an automotive or transportation application is made up of a variety of integrated systems, you need a partner who coordinates suppliers and products for you so everything runs smoothly. Avnet is an authorized source for all of the major suppliers to the automotive and transportation industries. We cover every type of component, embedded computing device and peripheral you could ever need. We take the guess work out of managing lead times and schedule changes so your operation runs like a well-oiled machine.

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Avnet’s expertise extends to the newest releases enabling the transformation of transportation. These include the integrated multi-function sensors and wireless modules covering the gamut from near field communication (NFC) to satellite and all points in between. You decide which features will set your product apart and we’ll provide options and design support to ensure everything works in harmony.

Whether you’re creating an application to make the driving experience more enjoyable or developing a product to take the driver out of the equation, Avnet’s ready to help you navigate from start to finish.

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From connected cars, security, safety to energy saving, our expertise in automobile will support your innovations, enable interactions between cars, people and infrastructures.