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Robust communications platforms

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In today’s world, we expect instant access to everyone at any time. You’re building the systems and infrastructure to make this today’s reality and paving the way for an even more exciting future. The Avnet team is right there with you. We speak your language across telecommunications, networking, unified communications, and content distribution.

Wired or wireless, mobile, video or text, live streaming or archived, broadcast or receive, in any and all combinations, Avnet will guide you to the right solution and provide the support to make it happen.


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Communication Technologies: Building the right connection

‘Communications’ is a pretty broad term. It takes a specialist to understand the nuances of the different appliances and industry standards related to each layer of the communications stack. You’ll appreciate peer-to-peer collaboration when you work with the Avnet team. As we learn about your strategy, we bring the right experts to the table whose hand’s-on experience lines up with your objectives.

We’ll show various techniques to reach your goal. In some cases this means different types of components to use in your board design or in others we present build versus buy server options. Our experts have developed communications products using a wide range of technologies, including:

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Our design team brings the pieces together to achieve optimal performance using minimal bandwidth. We also work directly with the product developers and applications engineers at the suppliers whose products are part of your solution. As an authorized source for every product we represent, our team gets early access to new releases and is first in line for getting questions answered.

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Creating differentiation in a world of standards

No matter what layer of the communications infrastructure stack you’re targeting, you’ll need to tie in to a set of industry standards. Our team participates in the various standards committees that drive voice, video, data and broadcast globally. We’ll guide you through the specific design and regulatory requirements needed to operate your application.

We’ll also share resources to supplement your design and create a complete experience for your customers. For example, we’ll show you how to leverage touch technology with your display to deliver a fully interactive visual solution, or help you connect to your cloud or data center for video analytics.

Partnering with Avnet means you get a team, working together seamlessly, able to support every element of your communications application.

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Broadcasting your solution to the market

Once your design is complete, it’s all about getting it to market. Avnet’s integration and post-sales support services get you there faster. Avnet handles supply-chain coordination for any and all types of technology. Our ISO-certified centers and disciplined quality and control practices ensure scalable and repeatable operations that lower your total cost of ownership and deliver improved profit margins to your bottom line.

We keep the details straight which is helpful when you’ve got multiple versions of a product shipping into different regions around the world. All of Avnet’s centers are on a common network and follow the same standards for document control and build procedures. You can customize parts of your design and we’ll make sure everyone is on the same page.

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We’ll also work with you on implementing the best routes to market so you can focus on your core competencies. We have different, flexible models that are tailored to your business and resources. As a dedicated partner, we measure our success by how well you achieve your goals.

Ready to get started changing the communications landscape? From client device to server and any point in between, Avnet is the partner that enables you to make the right connection. To get started, contact your local Avnet communications expert.

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