A clear vision to enable innovation

You’ve got the vision and inspiration to take what was considered science fiction a few years ago and make it reality. Your plan to leverage visual data and turn it into action is revolutionary. The impact your application will have is profound and will fundamentally change the way we do things today. Avnet has the experience, building blocks and ecosystem to help you get there faster.

At Avnet, this isn’t just hype. Embedded vision is a core focus that sets us apart from the rest.


A team to help implement your vision

You see the opportunity and have the intellectual property (IP) to capitalize. Our team is there with you and our experience spans diverse market segments. We’ve helped in the development of many breakthrough embedded vision applications, including:

You need someone that speaks your language and isn’t just trying to sell you parts. Our team understands convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and how they apply to machine learning and other artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) applications.

Embedded vision is evolving dynamically and you don’t want to spend time teaching partners who are supposed to be helping you. Avnet’s applications engineers around the globe do more than stay current; they are often the ones you’ll hear presenting technical papers at symposiums and conferences. Our team in the field shares this knowledge with you in practical ways that translate into your winning solutions.

Complete System Approach - Body

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A complete system approach for embedded vision

Your design requires high-resolution image capture, fast data transfer with minimal noise, and efficient processing power able to crunch data and generate outputs. Investing effort in research and component selection costs you valuable time in the race to reach your customer. We’ve done the legwork for you, offering a variety of Avnet created, modular development platforms specific to embedded vision.

The Avnet Embedded Vision Kit family includes:

  • Multiple SoC based System-on-Module (SoM) options
  • Carrier cards designed with the right interfaces for image processing
  • CMOS image sensors and camera modules covering different resolutions

With Avnet’s SoM offering, you can move directly from development to production. Our devices are fully tested and certified for use in your final product. You can focus on fine tuning your IP and don’t have to worry about porting code from one module to another.

You value system-level solutions maintained with the latest design tools, board support packages and embedded OS support. You appreciate proven reference designs with reusable example applications. Our library of reference designs cover a broad set of use cases including specific end markets and functional areas such as modeling algorithms for pattern matching.

Ecosystem with Clear Vision - Body

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An ecosystem with a clear vision….yours!

The breadth of innovation that goes into each component of an Embedded Vision system is truly amazing. Each player in the market has a core competency and when you work with Avnet, you get to tap into all of them in one place.

We collaborate with leading processor, image sensor and software tool suppliers to integrate their products into a cohesive solution. We then make sure our inventory is profiled so you can smoothly and quickly move from development to market release.

You’ll also get a peek behind the curtain on what lies over the horizon. Our relationships with each supplier’s product line gives you keen insight to where the market is headed. You get a strategic advantage by staying at the forefront of innovation which translates to customer loyalty for your brand.