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Design & Testing

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Engineering support for design and testing gets you to market faster

You’ll often find gaps in your engineering capacity or skill set as you venture through your design. With Avnet, there’s a solution to fill any gaps and keep your design on schedule. Our solution includes technical personnel and engineering equipment to supplement your team and your resources. We’ll help you in any aspect of your design around technology, interoperability, security and connectivity.

Once your design is finished and before you build it in production, Avnet will perform a variety of tests to validate performance and durability. We’ll even take you through regulatory approvals for the markets you’re targeting.

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Product and solution engineering

Avnet has the support you need when you find you’re short on engineers to complete a project. You’ll find this handy if your application includes functionality you’ve never worked with. Our team can assist with short term projects or we can bring in experts from our ecosystem with the domain expertise you require. Avnet stands behind all of our ecosystem partners. We’ve done extensive screening of their capabilities and seen examples of their work before we include them on the team. 

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Product Testing

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LED lightlab

When your design includes the latest LED technology in a lighting application or uses solid-state lighting as a feature, Avnet’s LED LightLab provides all of the resources you need. Our experts will work with you on more than just the lighting component. We’ll use our lab to make sure you get the best overall performance including optics, thermal management and power supplies. Avnet’s LED LightLab is the perfect place to fine tune your design without having to invest in the capital equipment yourself.

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Product Engineering

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Regulatory compliance and testing

Before you finalize your bill of materials for producing your product and the instructions for building your product, you’ll want to know it meets all market requirements. Avnet will work with you to create a test plan matching the environment where your product will be used. We’ll review the results with you and make any necessary adjustments before you commit to production. Doing this on the front end eliminates costly re-work on the back end.

We work closely with the major testing houses to get you the certifications you need for the markets you’re targeting. We’ll handle the paperwork and the processing so you can focus on other areas.

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Product Testing

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Custom software services

If you find yourself challenged with code development anywhere along your software stack, Avnet can remove the burden. Our software development partners are certified by the vendors who’ve developed the software and have a portfolio of experience to back up their expertise. You’ll be impressed by the work they’ve done in support of the markets you’re targeting. Their disciplined use of agile software development practices will fit well with your organization and meet your timeline requirements.

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Product Engineering