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Regulatory Compliance and Testing

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Testing to meet compliance requirements every step of the way

As we work together to design your product, it’s important to prepare for the safety and regulatory requirements in the geographic markets you want to sell in. These requirements are also impacted by the segment your product targets like home and building automation, transportation or healthcare. Then there’s wireless communication regulations if your product communicates over the air. All of this may seem complex but with Avnet guiding you, meeting these requirements gets a whole lot easier.

Regulatory Compliance and Testing - Body

From design to build, Avnet is your partner to navigate the regulatory compliance and testing process. We’ll work together to efficiently bring your product to the global market. Together with compliance agencies, our well-proven programs and accelerated certification processes bring your products to market faster, while enhancing trust and value in your brand.

We begin creating a test plan for your product as we work together to develop your concept. We do this through every step in the design process: 



Develop an application-based BOM, determine reliability test needs, utilize thermal modeling to meet custom system cooling and reliability objectives, and develop an integration plan.


Testing and analysis to determine margins, corrective actions, validation of product claims and predict parts replacement needs:

  • HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test)
  • Thermal Test Analysis
  • Environmental Testing and Analysis
  • RoHS Compliance and Analysis
  • Environmental Claims Validation (ECV) “Green Certifications”
  • Warranty Prediction Analysis

Regulatory and Environmental 

Agency Certification and regulatory compliance including:

  • Safety compliance (UL/cUL/CE marks)
  • FCC compliance (Emissions)
  • EMC compliance (EU Directives)
  • Global Access Marks (CCC, BSMI, C-Tick, Etc.)
  • GCF/PTCRB testing services (Cellular Devices)
  • NEBS Testing (Telecom)
  • Medical Compliance (60601-1, 510K)

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 Development of build instruction, product validation/verification, revision control and product hand-off.


 Comprehensive plan to ensure long-term support of quality manufacturing processes and maintain regulatory certifications:

  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) -Develop rapid efficient and effective manufacturing screen to catch weak components prior to shipment
  • Critical Component Monitoring - Engineers monitor critical components for changes to maintain Regulatory and FDA/Medical requirements
  • Elevated Temperature Testing Chamber for custom burn-in requirements
  • Proactive end of life management prevents manufacturing delays
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis to component level including Dye and Pry and X-ray