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Engineering Support

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The right technical advisor makes all the difference

To quickly turn your idea into a successful product or solution, guidance from an experienced, knowledgeable engineer will get you their faster. Collaborating with experts who know your market and speak your language makes your life easier and your application even better. Avnet recognizes this and has assembled an engineering team to cover every facet of your design.

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Our team includes specialists for every technology we offer who collaborate around your requirements. Together we’ll enable your system to perform smoothly and deliver the experience you want for your customers. Avnet’s engineers come from an OEM background, designing products for market applications. They’re also trained and certified by the technology suppliers Avnet represents.

To further assist you, our engineers will show you how to get the most out of our developments tool and teach you best practices during Avnet’s technical training workshops. Avnet’s comprehensive engineering support brings everything you need to get your design off the ground and into production.

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Electronic components engineering support

Your design is made up of fully integrated functional blocks. Those blocks are enabled by a number of different electronic components. The key is working with a partner who can put all of these pieces together into an interoperable, holistic layout.

Avnet’s field application engineers (FAE) are the answer when you want to figure out how to make everything work. For example, our processor experts understand the different architectures and the pros and cons specific to your application. They also know what to share with their analog signal chain counterparts and the rest of the team to harmonize all of the features in your system.

When you get to product selection, our team will guide you to the right part from both a performance and supply-chain perspective. 

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Engineering Support

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Systems engineering support

If your solution calls for an embedded system or integrated solution to deliver your application, Avnet’s system engineer’s (SE) bring a deep understanding of the required hardware elements. This includes visual solutions, storage and cloud services. All of this comes together to create the best configuration for your software stack.

Our team stays current on the latest technology releases to keep you on the leading edge. We also help shape the industry standards your application will follow and connect with. We’ll use this to provide you with several ways to achieve your goals and recommend the one that’s the best overall fit. You’ll appreciate our system level approach to design when you see the synergy between the products we integrate into your solution.

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