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Create Your Embedded System and Integrated Solution

When your plan calls for an embedded system for operations and control or an integrated solution for the data center or network, Avnet’s System Engineering (SE) team will get you there. Our team understands each of the building block technologies and the complementary peripherals to develop your product. The Avnet SE team understands the most popular architectures, operating systems and interfaces and how they align with the markets you’re targeting.

Each member of the team is factory trained and certified. We work closely with our supplier partners on their roadmaps, collaborating to ensure the features you’ll need will be part of the products they offer. The exposure we have enables us to give you unbiased recommendations and show you how to bring everything together into a complete system.

Our SE team works closely with our Integration Engineering team to smoothly transition your design to integration.

Avnet SE profile

  • Participates in ongoing training and certification programs
  • Have no less than 5-7 years of progressive experience in computer systems engineering & systems integration
  • Highly proficient in embedded server & system design from a base board and piece part level
  • Supports the needs of customers in local markets
  • Provides ISO awareness, manufacturing/assembly processes, and production work flow

How can we help you?

  • End to end product management services (Product Selection, Integration, Value Added Services)
  • Engineering consulting including:
    • Hardware and software requirements
    • Design requirements for operations and performance
  • Full customer-centric solutions expertise including:
    • Product performance
    • Product lifecycles and roadmaps
    • Total cost of ownership
  • Consultation regarding MTBF, EOL, and ECO processes
  • Data analysis to determine product/project feasibility
System Engineering Support