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Developing products efficiently – from idea through realization

From the earliest spark of an idea to a full embedded solution or data center offering—Avnet Integrated Solutions provides expert guidance and support to help intellectual property holders drive business success.

Opportunities abound for companies with unique and differentiated intellectual property—but if your IP depends on specialized computing systems, you face some significant challenges. The complexities and costs of integrating your software application with a hardware platform can impede innovation and distract you from your business goals. Whether you are building a product that relies on an embedded solution or creating a data center application or service, it takes significant expertise to identify, validate and integrate optimal technologies to meet your customers’ high expectations.

Additionally, you must decide how to effectively provide service for your product once it is deployed in the field. Global service infrastructure is expensive, but customer satisfaction drives future revenue streams.

Avnet Integrated Solutions is the one partner you need to accelerate time to market and take excess costs out of your business model. We’ll help you find the right embedded or data center technologies, but we don’t stop there. We can help with everything you need to bring your product to market anywhere in the world, from identifying the right technologies to supply chain management, integration, delivery and post-sales customer support. To ensure that you maximize your return on investment, our product development emphasizes durable, long-lived designs. Our deep understanding of technology road maps across the industry and available inventory programs is reflected in our development recommendations that can provide maximum business value to you over the long term.

Focusing on your core business

Along the path to product release, you’ll need to contend with a series of challenges that may fall beyond your core competencies, including:

  • Designing the system: Technology trends and advances proceed rapidly in this digital age. We stay informed on the latest technologies to ensure that your product meets necessary technical, performance, lifecycle and pricing requirements. We can provide the insights and guidance that may not be available through your existing staff to enhance the design, functionality and lifespan of the end product.
  • Creating a consistent manufacturing and integration process: To ensure a positive experience for your customers, we help develop a reliable, consistent manufacturing process that can be applied worldwide.
  • Assembling, testing, and manufacturing the solution: This usually requires specialized equipment, facilities with necessary capabilities and expertise in the technologies used in the solution.

As you advance through custom design, engineering, testing and manufacturing, you may face delays and rising project costs if the expertise for any of these processes is lacking within your organization.

Entering new markets

You’ll face more complexity and expense if—and more realistically, when—you want to bring your solution to the global marketplace as you work to:

  • Ensure security: Security requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union, mandate strict data protection standards if you want to do business in that market.
  • Meet regulatory and certification challenges: Different regions in the world and different industries present different regulations and certification standards that must be met if you want to do business in that region or market.
  • Provide support: We offer support in instances where product issues or the need for repairs arises. Following product installation, we can build programs to provide direct support from Avnet when required, giving our customers a channel to better serve their customers.
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience: Customers expect solutions to work well over their product lifespans and if they don’t, mechanisms need to be in place to fix any problems.

Bringing software products to market

The challenges of bringing software products to market include:

  • Profit margins: Software by itself usually carries a high profit margin, but the hardware portion of the solution can introduce a significant financial drag at a time when investors are looking for returns.
  • Lacking expertise in hardware, software companies typically struggle with the steps needed to deploy and support data center appliances on a global basis and incur high investment expenses.

These and the other challenges discussed can be capably met by the offerings from Avnet Integrated Solutions.

The one partner you need

With a focus on intelligent, efficient design practices and direct applications of engineered embedded computing solutions, we are committed to helping you realize your product idea. We’ll help you create a solution to engage and delight your customers and enhance your brand’s reputation.

We start by establishing a road map and strategies for development, deployment and global distribution. Based on a deep understanding of current technologies and industry development and manufacturing practices, our engineers and partners deliver technology recommendations and insight into future road maps that ensure that the design and longevity of the solution meets our customers’ expectations. We can help you tap in to the power of advanced technologies and capitalize on trends that strengthen your product and service offerings.

Our global presence and extensive network of partners unlocks opportunities across all geographies. Flexible production and manufacturing services are shaped and informed by our extensive experience and an unmatched portfolio of capabilities around embedded solutions and data center technologies. Avoid having to build an expensive infrastructure to support products and services by relying on our expertise and network of skilled partners, giving you trusted reliability and peace of mind over the complete product lifecycle.

All of this allows you to focus fewer resources on bringing hardware to market, and more resources on constantly developing and innovating your IP with new features and product releases that keep you ahead of your competition. Let Avnet Integrated Solutions be your competitive advantage.

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Our promise to you

Trust is essential to our business philosophy. Our customers trust us every day with the reputation of their products and the stability of their revenue streams. We strive to earn your trust by listening closely to your requirements, responding appropriately to your business requests and consolidating the necessary resources to ensure you have the right technology and support to bring your intellectual property to market effectively.

Forging successful customer relationships

Successful relationships with our customers underlie the ongoing success of Avnet Integrated. We are fully committed to strengthening and enhancing these relationships in every way that we can. Our vision is to amplify your solution ideas and bring together the right technologies and strategies to serve as a business enabler, helping you realize your goals, engage your customers with innovative product and service offerings and streamline design, development and deployment processes to help you reach market quickly and cost effectively.

Keeping it simple

Solution design, development, deployment and distribution don’t have to be impossibly complex and expensive for you. With our engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing expertise, you can confidently take your product to market, rapidly and cost effectively, whether you are launching an embedded solution or building an innovative data center application. Avnet Integrated Solutions is the one partner you need to handle the full range of tasks involved in releasing and supporting a solution on a worldwide scale. With the hard stuff out of the way, you can focus on sharpening your business objectives, strengthening your position in the industry and deepening relationships with your customers.


Avnet Integrated Solutions provides a full range of service offerings - tailored to your unique needs.

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