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Our global facilities open up the world to you

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Your vision is to offer your product or solution in every region of the world. To accomplish this you need a partner with the scale and infrastructure to make your vision a reality. Avnet operates 14 distribution centers, 13 integration centers and eight programming centers around the world. We’ve got the infrastructure in place to take your product all over the world.

Avnet’s investment in our centers means you get consistent, high quality support no matter what service you require or where in the world you need it. Our centers operate on common systems so you can quickly enter a new region without ever skipping a beat. Using our global resources saves you the time and expense needed to qualify a new center or operation when you want to enter a new market.

You can count on Avnet for quality every step of the way. Each of our centers carries ISO certifications  that address the services they offer. They’re also certified to a variety of government and regulatory standards for material handling, sustainability and value-add services.

You can see what we offer in each global region and where we’re located by viewing the links below: