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Device Programming & Modifications

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Device programming brings your software and hardware together

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You’ve created custom software code and drivers to enable the functionality within your system. This is how everything ties together to make the system run. You’ve worked with our component engineering team to select and design in programmable devices to execute your application. Avnet will continue to support you by programming your intellectual property code into those components at one of our global programming centers. Our secure, high volume centers deliver the quality you require at an overall lower total cost of ownership than trying to do it yourself.

In anticipation of any device you may require to be programmed, Avnet has invested in automated programming equipment that support virtually every technology supplier and package type in the market today. Our global centers are ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality discipline and JESD 625 certified for ESD to protect highly static-sensitive devices from inadvertent damage. From a security standpoint, we employ a two stage decryption process and stringent sanitization procedures when programming sensitive data and key material. We also provide you with secure methods to transfer your data to us.

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Here are the programming services we offer:

  • Automated processing handling tray-to-tray, tube-to-tube and reel-to-tray applications
  • Vision inspection ensures lead integrity, pin-one orientation and accurate product identification
  • Complex serialization routines utilizing custom software and infrastructure to ensure no duplication of addresses and capture real time production data
  • Secure loading/mapping processes combined with custom verification software for parts which contain sensitive data or key material
  • Automated systems for retrieving program files and tracking changes
  • Large variety of manufacturer and vendor-specific IC programmers ensure device compatibility
  • Secure electronic file transfer promotes quick turnaround
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Avnet backs all of this up with a team of technical support engineers who have in-depth knowledge of our systems, processes and the technologies we support.

From a technology standpoint, we support:

  • Microcontrollers
  • Digital Signal Processors
  • Nonvolatile Memory, including NAND and eMMC devices
  • EPROM and Serial EEPROM, including authentication devices
  • Programmable Logic, including EFUSE and other CPLD devices
  • Multiprocessor System-on-Chip
  • Digital ICs
  • Linear ICs
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As a partner fully committed to your requirements, we provide you with engineering services at all of our programming facilities. These services include:

Engineering Services

  • Engineering Design Support
  • Advanced Encryption Key Generation
  • Serialization Design Support
  • Failure Analysis: Root Cause Evaluation

Programming Operations Services

  • Programming
  • Serialization
  • Lead Scanning
  • Device Marking
  • Dry Bake
  • Dry Pack
  • Tape and Reel
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Markets Overview

Every customer we serve is, in turn, looking to serve customers in a specific market segment. This is a key factor in the technologies and services we recommend to support your vision.

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