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Selection & Oversight

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Finding the right factory—and keeping things running

Avnet and its ecosystem stand behind the work of every partner we recommend, and we remain actively involved to ensure the work is done—and done right. Avnet does an exhaustive review of any potential partner, including going through specific projects they’ve completed. Our extensive, global network of vetted and trusted contract manufacturers ensures that the handoff between the fast-paced planning processes supported by great technology actually results in the best fit solution.

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As your point person, Avnet will walk you through the project when it comes not only to what kind of partner you need, from OEM, ODM, or hybrid JDM, but also options both local and offshore. That process includes:

  • Factory Selection: once we figure out your product roadmap, we’ll reach out to trusted contacts globally through factory discovery, matching, RFQs and quote analyses
  • Factory Audits: partners need to continually meet standards, so we’ll do frequent inspection and evaluation of any factory’s manufacturing framework through both expert review and metrics-based evaluations
  • Quality Planning: tailored standard QA protocols are crucial parts of the actionable plans factories need to manufacture to the right specifications—so we provide functional and aesthetic tests along with verification, validation and future proofing to help deliver the best possible product
  • Digital Manufacturing Platform: with a cloud-based set of tools, we offer the world’s first agile manufacturing platform that turns our expertise and your data into exactly the guidance a factory needs to deliver your product—along with our support every step of the way to ensure the project is done well