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From idea to market—we’re with you every step

Most creators have a deep understanding of the specialty that led to their breakthrough idea. But because they’re so focused on their work, they don’t always have the visibility into or time to tackle critical considerations for skills outside of their core competencies. When information does exist about these topics, it’s usually scattered across multiple high-level sources, making it not only time consuming to find, but more often than not shallow in detail.

That doesn’t stop with creators. Enterprises that do have time for research and development often don’t have the in-house team to tackle all the complexity that arises from the product development process. Especially in burgeoning business areas like the Internet of Things (IoT), that could be getting a project out of proof of concept purgatory to thinking through maintenance post-global deployment.

That’s exactly why Avnet has invested in creating a unique ecosystem that starts with the world’s largest community of engineers to help you access the expertise you need, when and where you need it, through to global production and deployment

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An ecosystem of support from end-to-end

In Avnet’s ecosystem you’ll find:

  • The world’s biggest engineering communities: Developers can come to our communities to collaborate to solve one another’s design challenges, no matter the experience level, while also seeing the latest technology used in real life. 
  • Design services to bring you from concept to design and prototype: Our in-house expertise helps you fuel rapid growth, helping you define, develop and deploy your product, with compliance and certification in mind before a concept gets designed into a prototype.  
  • Manufacturing globally: From designing for manufacturability to factory selection and oversight, Avnet is an experienced guide can help walk you through the manufacturing process—whether that’s for one step or a full turnkey process end-to-end.
  • Streamlined supply chain: Avnet’s global reach and scale can help you focus and position materials on your behalf, customizing solutions for your business case while creating visibility into additional efficiencies across your entire product lifecycle.

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By Markets

Our team brings direct, personal experience in the wide range of market applications we cover and are experts at creating applications that fit.



Avnet can help you realize your IoT potential from the start, collaborating with you to create a strong business case.

Integrated Solutions-Grid

Integrated Solutions

From the earliest spark of an idea to a full embedded solution or data center offering—Avnet Integrated Solutions provides expert guidance and support to help intellectual property holders drive business success.

Reference Solutions - Grid

Reference Solutions

Increase your business capabilities with our full range of solutions, designed to provide end-to-end support throughout your product life cycle. You may also download Avnet Asia's most updated solution guide here.



Avnet has assembled everything you need to get the job done, starting first with easy access to the resources and information you need to turn your idea into a product.



Avnet offers you products, in the quantities you need them, quickly, plus design solutions and support to move your product from an idea to a working prototype.



Avnet provides full and turnkey design capabilities that can take anyone’s idea from specification to production, whether you’re a maker, a startup or a Fortune 100 company.

Supply Chain Services-Grid

Supply Chain Services

When you’re partnered with Avnet, we’ll customize a solution that suits your needs instead of simply trying to squeeze you into one of our existing models.



Avnet operates multiple distribution centers in each global region to provide the coverage and presence you need around the world.

Manufacturing Services-Grid

Manufacturing Services

Avnet takes the work done in the design phase and helps bring it to scale, with manufacturing expertise.