Creating the proof of concept

Developing a working prototype is no small feat, and it can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming phases of product development. You need a lot of products, from development tools and components to design help, testing and production supplies, plus the time to test, assemble and secure regional compliance from multiple vendors. Any holdup makes it hard to keep your design cycles competitive in the marketplace.

Not only do you need both components and whole boards in small to mid-sized quantities immediately, but you have to navigate the complicated ecosystem of technology providers to fill in knowledge gaps and understand the best solution for your needs. What can businesses – from startups to enterprises – do to move a product from an idea to a working prototype that not only proves the concept, but helps you get funding and deliver ROI? Avnet offers you products, in the quantities you need them, quickly, plus design solutions and support.

Avnet offers an entire solution for building and testing your prototype.

The tools to get prototyping done

We support our customers at every stage – with the right components, services and knowledge – as they design and prototype their products. We offer:

  • Broad linecard: You’ll find the broadest range of components, connectors, cables, power, test and measurement equipment, tools and electromechanical products on our websites
  • Development kits: Avnet offers the broadest range of development kits in the industry plus exclusive customization rights from top providers like Raspberry Pi
  • Feedback: In our communities, you’ll get unbiased product feedback from both peers and experts to help you work through challenges and understand what’s in the market
  • Flexible purchasing: Avnet offers a wide variety of options to help you source components:
    • An expanded inventory offers you same-day shipping in design quantities
    • Customize your order online through tools such as our BOM upload, which can translate your bill of materials into an order with only a few clicks
    • The Dragon Innovation Product Planner is more sophisticated than a spreadsheet but less complicated than an enterprise system. It acts as a platform that helps you understand not just what components you have, but the manufacturing consequences of design decisions to help you get to market faster
  • Hardware Studio: For startups needing one-on-one guidance, Hardware Studio pairs Avnet’s hardware expertise, Dragon Innovation’s prototyping and contract manufacturing knowledge and Kickstarter’s funding platform to help get hardware products to market

Smooth transition from prototype to product

Avnet’s in-house capabilities help anyone from startups to full enterprise businesses ensure that the product they’ve defined and prototyped is the product they can deliver to customers. In planning, we’ll help you understand how the design decisions you made while prototyping might affect your plans to scale the product during manufacturing. We’ll also help in the selection and oversight of the contract manufacturer that will bring your product to life. Plus, if you need more from us than just stepping in at a single stage, Avnet offers the turnkey manufacturing solutions you need to move from specification to production with one single partner.

Whether you need us to troubleshoot a specific problem or get you from idea to product, Avnet’s here to guide you.