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Automotive Solutions


Changing the way humans move

From connected cars, security, safety to energy saving, our expertise in automobile will support your innovations, enable interactions between cars, people and infrastructures.


A new generation of in-vehicle infotainment

Avnet is staying ahead of the curve in its enhancement and development of in-vehicle infotainment systems.


Moving forward in camera development

With safety and reliability of vehicle components being paramount, forward camera systems are growing exponentially. Xilinx’s ADAS platform solutions have become the platform of choice.


Deep learning on the move

The demand for autonomous driving and autonomous embedded products is growing rapidly. Along with this growth is increasing importance of deep learning development, of which UltraZ AD provides the perfect platform.


Driving technology forward

With the prevalence of the Internet in every aspect of modern living, most cars today come with an Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS). Avnet is riding on this critical market trend with the NXP I.MX6D.


Optimizing the power of today’s applications

Higher power applications like power tools and electronic mobility devices are raising the demand for batteries capable of handling greater voltages and currents. This has in turn increased the need for a superior battery management system.

Unlocking the potential of keyless innovations_Grid

Unlocking the potential of keyless innovations

Avnet provide extremely single chip solutions that combine immobilisation functions as well as incorporate Security Transponder, RISC Controller and UHF Transmitter on the same chip.

Driving advancements in AFS technology_Grid

Driving advancements in AFS technology

By increasing visibility, Adaptive Front-lighting Systems (AFS) have been one of the most welcomed technologies in enhancing driving safety.


Redefining vehicle e-cockpits

As more vehicles adopt advanced ADAS systems, there is a constant need to develop newer and smarter solutions to match the demands of the market.


Keeping an eye on road safety

Combining the NXP MPU Processor and ON Semiconductor image sensor/LED Driver, Avnet's Driver Camera-based Monitoring Systems deploys an advanced detection algorithm developed by Avnet.


Illuminating road safety for the future

The headlamp plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the vehicle. The traditional automobile lighting system, however, is unable to meet the driver’s increasing demand for safe driving.


Driving towards the future safely and reliably

To meet the stringent safety, reliability and performance requirements, Avnet has partnered with NXP to develop an automotive grade Li-ion battery management solutions (BMS).

Illuminating the way for adaptive LED headlights_Grid

Illuminating the way for adaptive LED headlights

By integrating Daytime Running Lights (DRL), turn signals and a combination of tail lamps, Avnet’s Matrix LED systems offer greater integration and a more holistic solution.


Automotive Telematics Platform

Avnet’s unique automotive telematics platform integrates market-leading wireless standards, simplifying processes such as making emergency calls, road gantry payments and stolen-vehicle tracking.


Advancing ADAS systems for the future

ADAS systems continue evolving to create better passenger experiences while increasing safety on the road.


Vehicle safety on the radar

Along with safety, ADAS is increasingly a standard performance feature for new cars. Both requirements are effectively met by the 77GHz mmWave radar.


Motor control with lower cost and lower noise

Cars have evolved from manual operation to electric operation to intelligent automatic operation, making driving a more pleasant experience. Playing a vital role in these operations is the motor control system.

Bringing Auto Infotainment to the Connected World_Grid

Bringing auto infotainment to the connected world

Avnet has used NXP i.MX6 (Arm Cortex A9, Quad Core) to implement a revolutionary car infotainment solution.

Empowering New possibilities in ADAS_Grid

Empowering new possibilities in ADAS

Armed with NXP i.MX6D processors provided by Avnet, ADAS engineers of today are empowered with even greater ability to innovate and push the boundaries of this tried and proven technology.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Avnet’s TPMS solution provides real-time, reliable information for drivers. Based on Infineon SP37 sensors and TDA receivers, the system alerts drivers on reduced air tire pressure to help avoid preventable road accident


Driving towards the future

With the flexibility in its ADAS solutions, Avnet’s service-oriented gateway is able to integrate multiple functions to improve the in-vehicle experience for the end consumer while ensuring a safe driving experience.


Taking traffic monitoring forward

Avnet’s automatic number plate recognition system is a reference design that deploys the custom deep learning network in Tensorflow framework together with Xilinx AI development tools and IP


More secure and convenient vehicle access

Avnet’s Mobile Phone (NFC) Car Access solution is designed to fit into the door handle of an automotive, incorporating NFC, proximity and touch sensing in one PCB.


Enhancing power over the miles

Battery cells are being used in more and more applications like electric cars and energy storage systems. These applications need to be powered by battery cells that can go the distance with them, requiring an efficient battery management system.


Driving a new wave of smart vehicles

Avnet is heralding a new wave of smart devices with the Avnet Telematics Box Application. Everything can now be interconnected and made easily accessible through the controls in your hand, or specifically, your smartphone.


Innovation is the key to automotive security

Avnet’s latest venture into automotive security resulted in a key groundbreaking innovation - the Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) system for homes and vehicles.