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Driving advancements in AFS technology

By increasing visibility, especially around bends and over hills, Adaptive Front-lighting Systems (AFS) have been one of the most welcomed technologies in enhancing driving safety. As a leader in technology design and implementation, Avnet has been instrumental in advancing this active vehicular safety feature. The AFS Demo Board system by ST platform that we have developed improves the coverage of the adaptive headlights thereby enhancing drivers’ vision, a major advantage under low light conditions. The powerful system serves as a strong reference that our customers’ can use for product development.

Features Key Components Target Applications
  • NXP MCU MC9S08AW32 through the SPI bus control stepper motor driver L9942 allows headlight position adjustments both horizontally and vertically.
  • MC9S08AW32 – NXP MCU
  • Stepper Motor Control
  • 4 keys on the board allow controlling headlights in 4 directional movements.
  • L9942 2* – Stepper Motor Driver
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)
  • L9942 register data can be sent to the computer through URAT step motor working state for real-time monitoring.



  • LED board allows display of stepper motor to run or stall.



  • L9942 Stepper Motor Driver for bipolar motors with micro-stepping (1/8).



  • All outputs short-circuit-protected against open-load, overload current, temperature warning and thermal shutdown.



  • Full-scale current programmable.



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