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With the advent of electric and hybrid vehicles, there is a rise in the usage of Li-on batteries. And safety and reliability are primary concerns for any application used in vehicles. To meet these stringent safety, reliability and performance requirements, Avnet has partnered with NXP to develop an automotive grade Li-ion battery management solutions (BMS).

Innovators will be able to get a lot more mileage out of this BMS. Highly reusable and scalable hardware and software designs can be developed for applications with 3 to 210 logic cells per chain.  Strong ISO 26262 safety is supported while high measurement accuracy after soldering and aging is guaranteed. Integrated voltage, current and temperature monitoring also enables high precision cell evaluation while on-chip balancing function extends the life of the battery pack.


  • Support ISO26262 Function Safety, up to ASIL D capability.
  • 2 Mbps transformer coupled isolation or 4 Mbps SPI communication speed.
  • 2 mV High Measurement Accuracy.
  • Single chip 48V, multi-chip >800V, scalable capable chipset
  • Onboard 300 mA Passive Cell Balancing
  • Synchronized Cell Voltage/Current Measurement, robust against hot plug
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Key Parts

  • MC33771B/MC33772B            -- NXP, Analog Front End Chip
  • MPC5744P                               -- NXP, ASIL D Function Safety MCU
  • MC33664TLEF                         -- NXP, Physical Interface Chip
  • MC33FS6500                            -- NXP, Function Safety SBC
  • S32K144                                   -- NXP, ASIL B Function Safety MCU
  • UJA1169                                    -- NXP, SBC
  • MC40XS6500                            -- NXP, High Side Switch
  • HMU2102NL/HMU2103NL        – Pulse, Transformer
  • 70551, 34691 series                  -- Molex, Connectors
  • CRCW1210 series                     -- Vishay, Balance Resistor



  • Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV, HEV, PHEV, mild hybrid)
  • 48 V Systems (Single-Chip Solution)
  • Energy Storage (ESS) and UPS
  • E-Bikes, E-Scooters



Battery Management Solution System (Maxim)

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