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Enhancing power over the miles

Battery cells are being used in more and more applications like electric cars and energy storage systems.  These applications need to be powered by battery cells that can go the distance with them, requiring an efficient battery management system. 

One such system is Avnet’s Battery Management Solution System (Maxim). Besides supporting 12 cells measurement and monitoring in a single chip, it can support up to 31 chips cascade to build up a large battery cell monitoring system. Its self-diagnostic feature also increases its versatility for various battery applications. And it has even been used successfully for in-vehicle air conditioning assistance systems.


  • Support up to 12 cells measurement & monitoring in a single chip.
  • Support up to 31 chips cascade to build up large battery cell monitoring system.
  • Self Diagnostics Feature
Car dashboard console showing infotainment options


  • Maxim MAX17823
  • Maxim MAX17841
  • Maxim MAX13050
  • Maxim MAX16936


  • Electric Vehicle
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • Energy Storage System


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