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The headlamp plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the vehicle. The traditional automobile lighting system, however, is unable to meet the driver’s increasing demand for safe driving. The answer lies in the intellectualization of automobile lighting.

One such intelligent system is the matrix headlight lamp control system from Avnet. Integrating DRL, turn signal, combination tail lamp and adaptive system formation, it offers a range of flexible control, allowing it to adjust the LED illumination Angle according to the surrounding environment.


  • INPUT :9V-16V(MAX26V)
  • The demo uses ASL5008 to LED Matrix control. Containing a 12 series switch array and CAN, the ASL5008 can control every LED and a maximum of six devices in the series 
  • The driver uses NXP’s ASL4500 to BOOST and the ASL3416 to BUCK constant current control for LED.
  • The MCU uses PS32K144UAV. It uses CAN port to control the ASL5008. It can also enable and adjust the output current of ASL3416. 
  • External CAN bus interface, BCM through CAN bus to control the LED.
  • Each lamp with 36 ORSAM LUW CEUP. CE - 7 M8M 2 W LEDs . 
Car driving at night with LED headlights

Key Components 

  • ASL4500 + ASL3416 -- NXP: BOOST_BUCK
  • ASL5*08 – NXP: Matrix control
  • PS32K144UAV– NXP : MCU control
  • BUK9275-100A, BUK7Y25-60E--Nexperia
  • SRR1210A-221M—Bourns
  • UJA1163---NXP: CAN


  • Automotive ADB
  • High brightness LED matrix system

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